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Public Crucifixion

Article by   February 2009
Timothy George has a nice piece in First Things about Rick Warren and his inaugural prayer, especially the fact that he prayed in the name of Jesus.  At the close, he asks whether "Christians must hide their faith in the... continue

The Prayer of a Lifetime

Article by   January 2009
In studying to preach Ecclesiastes, I came across this gem in the classic commentary by Charles Bridges, referring to the prayer that the tax collector offers in Luke 18:13: "The publican's prayer will suit to the very last breath--nothing better--contrition... continue

No, It's Not a Nascar Event

Article by   January 2009
The Calvin 500 is a major international celebration of the life, ministry, theology, and legacy of John Calvin.  The event is scheduled for July 5 to 9 in Geneva, Switzerland.  A good number of Council Members from the Alliance of Confessing... continue

Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

Article by   January 2009
This is the title of Molly Worthen's article on Seattle's Mark Driscoll in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine.  It was hard to tell what Ms. Worthen disliked more: Driscoll's masculinity or Driscoll's Calvinism.  To her credit, though, Worthen played... continue

New Music for the Church

Article by   December 2008
Chris Anderson has launched a website to provide resources for musicians and worship leaders who want to appropriate some of the new work that is being done in the great tradition of hymnody and other church music. Check it out... continue

One Cheer for Carl

Article by   December 2008
Carl Trueman is right about physiology and depression, but will come to regret ordering Franky Schaeffer's book about his father, which is guilty of far more than bad taste.  For those who haven't seen it, Os Guinness wrote an appropriately... continue

Happy Birthday, John Milton

Article by   December 2008
Justin Taylor tells me that in honor of John Milton's 400th birthday he has posted an interview with my father here:  As my dad would say, please support your local Milton scholar.... continue

A Cry from India

Article by   December 2008
"My beloved Christian brethren, my endearing believers in the Holy Spirit, we cannot remain impotent, indecisive, and mute spectators."  Thus said the Governor of Maharashtra -- where Mumbai is located, scene of the recent bombings -- in an impassioned speech at... continue

Deaconess Correction

Article by   December 2008
The Reverend Tim Bayly is alleging publicly that I promote women deacons, that I have widely disseminated an error concerning the position of B. B. Warfield on the issue, and that I have refused his personal pleas to correct this... continue

The Gospel and Culture Project

Article by   November 2008
The Gospel and Culture Project has launched a new website that will be of interest to most if not all readers of Reformation 21.  The website is edited by Chris Simmons, who is an expert in film and who attended... continue
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