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The New Calvinism

Article by   March 2009
For those who haven't seen it yet, David Van Biema has a piece in the latest issue of Time magazine about the resurgence of Calvinism as a culture-shaping theology.  Despite a few caricatures (Calvin's God is not only "utterly sovereign,"... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 4

Article by   March 2009
"O Lord, strengthen our infirmities, especially those which hinder our ministry beyond our control; give us nerve to overcome the shyness that fetters utterance, and ease for awkwardness of address; turn us from our sensitive consciousness of ourselves, that we... continue

More Thoughts on the Coming Collapse

Article by   March 2009
In addition to what Sean Lucas has written, there are several other points worth making about Michael Spencer's article Tuesday in the Christian Science Monitor:... continue

Calvin 501

Article by   March 2009
For Calvin's 500th anniversary, you are all set: guided by the Calvin blog on Ref 21, just read daily selections of the Institutes.  But what will you do in 2010, for Calvin's 501st anniversary? Here's a suggestion: read Joel Beeke's latest... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 3

Article by   March 2009
"O Lord, open thou our minds to see ourselves as thou seest us, or even as others see us and we see others; and from all unwillingness to know our infirmities;      Save us and help us, we humbly beseech... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 2

Article by   March 2009
Typically Bishop Ridding introduced his litany with words like these: "Seeing, brethren, that we are weak men but entrusted with a great office, and that we cannot but be liable to hinder the work entrusted to us by our infirmities... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 1

Article by   March 2009
A friend has shared with me a litany, or formal order for prayer, written by Dr. George Ridding, the first Bishop of Southwell.  The litany was designed for use at meetings of the clergy it was his privilege to supervise... continue

Bunyan's Boldness

Article by   March 2009
In one of his two sermons on Ecclesiastes 9:10 (about doing things with all your might), Charles Spurgeon refers to the imprisonment of John Bunyan, and to Bunyan's undying commitment to preach the gospel, regardless of persecution.  Here is what... continue

Dever to Infiltrate PCA

Article by   March 2009
The letter "from the editor" in the spring issue of ByFaith (the official magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America, in which I serve as a pastor) reports that ByFaith will soon launch an online series about the health of... continue

Really, Really Born Again

Article by   February 2009
I just received my copy of John Piper's new book Finally Alive: What Happens When We Are Born Again?  One of Piper's reasons for making the biblical case for born-again Christianity is to guard the term against its misuse in... continue
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