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Christ as Atonement and Example, Part 2

Article by   September 2006
More from Charles Spurgeon on preaching the whole work of Christ:"He did not merely come to save us from the guilt of sin, but he came to save us from the power of sin. He does not merely bring us... continue

Race and Grace: A Clarifying Question

Article by   September 2006
Justin Taylor writes: "18. Reject the theories of collectivist sin, guilt, or exoneration when dealing outside of a covenantal context."  Whether I agree with this statement depends on what counts as "a covenantal context." ... continue

The Only Acceptable Intolerance?

Article by   September 2006
Rosie O'Donnell has begun her new job on ABC's "The View" by claiming that "Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state."  She went on to equate... continue

Race and Grace: A Clarifying Comment

Article by   September 2006
Many thanks to Justin for giving us some principles to use in dealing with issues of race in the church.  I want to go farther with one of his principles, pushing for the kind of clarifty Justin advocates..  He writes:... continue

Christ as Atonement and Example, Part I

Article by   September 2006
In his sermon "Servus Servorum" (or "Servant of Servants"), Charles Spurgeon speaks in favor of following Christ as our example, provided we first trust him as our Savior:"Years ago, Christ was set forth almost exclusively as an example. 'Concerning the... continue

The Purpose-Driven Transition

Article by   September 2006
Last week's article (Suzanne Sataline, "Veneration Gap: A Popular Strategy for Church Growth Splits Congregants," Wall Street Journal, front page, September 5) on the trouble some churches are facing as they transition to a purpose-driven format was illuminating for what it said... continue

Happy Birthday to Rick

Article by   September 2006
posted by Philip RykenI believe I am writing in saying that my good friend Rick Phillips is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, September 9.  Let's see, Rick, are you 39 again this year?  In any case, may the Lord give you... continue

How Bush Bombed the World Trade Center

Article by   September 2006
posted by Philip RykenDon't miss the "Houses of Worship" section in today's Wall Street Journal.  Under the title "Anything goes," Heather Wilhelm writes on the newest publishing effort of the PCUSA's Westminster John Knox Press.  In a book called Christian... continue

I'm Baaaack

Article by   September 2006
posted by Philip RykenAfter a long, full, and fruitful summer sabbatical, I am ready to take my laptop in hand and start blogging again.  I hope to report on my time in South Africa soon.  I appreciate Derek's forebearance in allowing... continue
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