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The Aberdeen Appeal

Article by   May 2009
I too have joined the list of Carl Trueman's colleagues who have signed the "Statement to Commissioners at the forthcoming General Assembly of the Church of Scotland."  Further, I believe that Dr. Trueman's response in "It must be spring. .... continue

Barnhouse on True Faith

Article by   April 2009
"True faith acts on supernatural facts and gets supernatural results" -- Donald Grey Barnhouse.... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 7

Article by   April 2009
"From infirmity of purpose, from want of earnest care and interest, from the sluggishness of indolence, and the slackness of indifference, and from all spiritual deadness of heart;      Save us and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord."... continue

On Self Love

Article by   April 2009
"Let me have my own way in exactly everything and a sunnier and pleasanter creature does not exist." -- Thomas Carlyle. For comparison, see 1 Corinthians 13:5; 2 Timothy 3:2; etc.... continue

Sermons from Eric Alexander. . .

Article by   April 2009
. . . are now available on the Internet.  This is very good news, indeed.  With his customary humility, Rev. Alexander has been somewhat reticent to broadcast his sermons more widely than his own former church (St. George's Tron, Glasgow) or... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 6

Article by   April 2009
From weakness of judgment, from the indecision that can make no choice, and the irresolution that carries no choice into act, strengthen our eye to see and our will to choose the right; and from losing opportunities and perplexing our... continue

Fujimura Comes to Philadelphia

Article by   April 2009
Makoto Fujimura has opened a solo exhibit entitled "Olana-Psalms of Ascent" at Philadelphia's White Stone Gallery (in Manayunk).  The exhibit features new devotional works that have not previously been displayed in public.  There is a public reception this Friday, April... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 5

Article by   March 2009
"From moral weakness of spirit, from timidity, from hesitation, from fear of men and dread of responsibility, strengthen us with courage to speak the truth as our ministry requires, with the strength that can yet speak in love and self-control;... continue

The Doctrine of Scripture in a Modern Age

Article by   March 2009
I am very high on the latest book by Steve Nichols, with Eric Brandt: Ancient Word, Changing Worlds.  Simply put, it is the best, clearest, and most reliable historical overview of the doctrine of Scripture for a contemporary audience. ... continue

He Qi

Article by   March 2009
The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College currently features a show of art by the contemporary Chinese artist He Qi (pronounced huh-chee).  He Qi's vibrant paintings (color on paper) feature scenes from the stories of the Old and New Testament. ... continue
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