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The Best Friend for the New Year

Article by   January 2007
At Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church we end the old year and begin the new oneby celebrating the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.  Our worship service traditionally closes with the singing of "Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners!"  This year I learned that... continue

The Man from George Street, Part 9

Article by   December 2006
Here (in the last post I will be making until the new year) is the last installment of a series on an exceptionally effective evangelist from Syndey, Australia: "Well, eight months later, that Crystal Palace Baptist pastor was ministering in... continue

The Man from George Street, Part 7

Article by   December 2006
That London preacher, six months later, flew to do a convention for 5,000 Indian missionaries in a remote corner of northeastern India. And at the end, the Indian missionary in charge, a humble little man took him home to his... continue

Post-Christian Atheists for Christmas

Article by   December 2006
In an article entitled "An Atheist Can Believe in Christmas," Randy Kennedy asks how some prominent atheists are (or are not) celebrating the holidays.  It turns out that Sam Harris (Letter to a Christian Nation) has a Christmas tree up... continue

New Welsh Carol

Article by   December 2006
Our own Derek Thomas and Dr. Paul Jones (an Alliance Council member who serves organist and music director at Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church) have collaborated on a new Christmas carol.  The full text and music will be posted soon, but... continue

The Man from George Street, Part 6

Article by   December 2006
Coming back to London, the minister stopped outside Atlanta, Georgia, to speak at a naval chaplain’s convention. And when his three days of revving these naval chaplains up—over a thousand of them, in Suwanee—the chaplain general took him out for a meal.... continue

The Gym of the Soul

Article by   December 2006
"The more I go to church, and the more I turn myself over the process of believing in Jesus and listening to His Word and having Him guide my hand, I feel as though the pressure is off me now."Can... continue

Mount Hood Video

Article by   December 2006
Frank James is a good friend from my Oxford days and I grieve for the loss he has suffered.  Lisa's family lost a beloved husband, father, brother, and son in a climbing accident a couple of years ago, so we know... continue

Quote of the Day

Article by   December 2006
"Monotheistic religions that lay claim to the one and only possible truth are doomed by their very nature to end up in conflict. The only way out is to free ourselves from these ancient divisive creeds and thus extinguish their... continue

The Man from George Street, Part 5

Article by   December 2006
"Now this London preacher flew back to the UK and was speaking at the Keswick Convention in the Lake District. And he threw in these three testimonies. At the close of his teaching session, four elderly pastors came up and... continue
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