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Lloyd-Jones on the Two Commandments

Article by   March 2007
A reformation21 reader has written with a helpful comment on First Commandment and Second Commandment Christians, so called:"Years ago Dr. D Martin Lloyd-Jones warned about the subtle danger of reversing the order of the two commandments (somewhere in his Romans... continue

Second Commandment Christians

Article by   March 2007
Arkansas Governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is quoted in this week's TIME magazine as saying, "I'm a 'grace' Christian, not a 'law' Christian. The Second Commandment--do unto others--is the basic tenet of my faith."I expect Huckabee's formulation quickly to... continue

What Children Give Their Fathers

Article by   March 2007
Educator Allan Shedlin has recently conducted a series of 100 interviews documenting what fathers can learn from being fathers.  According to Shedlin, being a dad-- reminds fathers of what is really important, of what needs are fundamental;-- exposes them to... continue

From "The Museum of Clear Ideas"

Article by   March 2007
Don Hall is our poet laureate.  A recent edition of his collected poems includes a lyric for these pluralistic times.  Hall writes:The times are propitious for fake religions.Today let's decide which priest, beauty, athlete,moviestar, or Jungian to celebrate     by electing himGod. Hype... continue

Chongshin Seminary, Part 3

Article by   March 2007
I was deeply blessed by the corporate worship at Chongshin Theological Seminary (near Seoul).  Services were typically led by students, although sometimes also by faculty.  Korean prayer times are intense, often with everyone in the congregation praying out loud simultaneously. ... continue

A Good Answer to an Old Question

Article by   March 2007
From Charles Spurgeon's sermon "Christ the Cure for Troubled Hearts":"I hear another one say, 'But suppose I have committed the unpardonable sin;' to which I answer, 'But suppose you have not;' and there is just as much reason for supposing... continue

Chongshin Seminary, Part 2

Article by   March 2007
The reputation that the Korean church has for Christian hospitality is well deserved.  From the moment that I arrived in Seoul, I was generously cared for in every way: warm greetings, respectful bows, spacious accommodations, delicious food, engaging conversation, and --... continue

Chongshin Seminary, Part 1

Article by   March 2007
I have only recently returned from a week-long trip to Chongshin Seminary in South Korea.  Incidentally, I regret my sudden and unannounced disappearance from the blog -- it is almost as hard to get away as it is to return. ... continue

More Than One Thing to Say

Article by   March 2007
The Most Rev. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has chided his conservative Anglican bishops in Africa and elsewhere for openly criticizing the U. S. Episcopal Church's acceptance of openly gay clergy and same-sex unions.  He says, "There is one... continue

Looking for the Living Among the Dead, Part 2

Article by   February 2007
An excerpt from this week's sermon on Luke 24:1-12, a propos of James Cameron and the "The Lost Tomb of Christ."How could the women know that this was true? As far as they were concerned, Jesus was still missing. How... continue
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