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True Repentance, in Four Parts

Article by   April 2007
Charles Spurgeon's sermon "Christ's First and Last Subject" is on repentance, which Christ preached both at the beginning (see Matthew 4:17) and at the end (see Luke 24:47) of his earthly ministry.Spurgeon's taxonomy of true and saving repentance is a... continue

After Easter

Article by   April 2007
This morning I came downstairs to find two of the young women in my life (age 2 and age 4, respectively), lifting up hockey sticks in the entry way and singing loud "Hallelujahs!"  The word "Hallelujah" was sung frequently last... continue

My Brother's Keeper

Article by   April 2007
Recently I read Otherwise, a collection of new and selected poems by Jane Kenyon, including the last poems she wrote before dying of leukemia in 1995.  One of my favorite Kenyon poems is "Man Sleeping," a short piece that calls us... continue

Velvet Theology

Article by   April 2007
In Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell writes:"And when Jesus died on the cross he died for everybody. Everybody.Everywhere.Every tribe, every nation, every tongue, every people group.Jesus said that when he was lifted up, he would draw all people to himself.All people.... continue

An Un-Easter Un-Present

Article by   April 2007
When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad released 15 (illegally held, by all objective accounts) British prisoners this week, he claimed that he was doing so "on the occasion of the birthday of the great prophet [Muhammad] . . . and for... continue

The Depth of the Father's Love

Article by   April 2007
Yesterday we held our traditional Good Friday worship service at Tenth Presbyterian Church.  We meet at noon -- a good time for Center City workers to come over on a lunch break.  I was especially blessed by a beautiful... continue

Easter Forever!

Article by   April 2007
I find it hard not to envy the disciples a little. They were there for the first Easter. Therefore, they were the first to hear the good news of the resurrection and the first to see the risen Christ. Don’t... continue

First Class Forever

Article by   April 2007
As a loyal Philadelphian, I was more than a little pleased to see the design the U.S. Postal Service unveiled last week for its permanent stamp.  The cost of postage will continue to rise, I am sure, but this image... continue

The Bible and the Public School

Article by   April 2007
Reformation21 readers should be sure not to miss the April 2 cover story in Time magazine: "Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public School."  David Van Biema is much too cautious about the possible dangers, as he sees them,... continue

A Child of the Creative Age

Article by   March 2007
In the opening address at a recent conference in New York sponsored by the International Arts Movement, Mako Fujimura made the following provocative comment about Christianity and the arts:"Theologically, the whole world, after our expulsion from Eden, is ground zero.... continue
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