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Marital Conflict

Article by   December 2009
The latest issue of New York has a generally positive article on Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Tim Keller and his ministry to New York City.  The article includes this gem of a quotation from Dr. Keller, which echoes the whole stream... continue

Dever on Romans

Article by   November 2009
Registration is now open for the 2010 Workshop on Biblical Exposition at Tenth Presbyterian Church, sponsored by the Charles Simeon Trust and by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. As usual, the workshop will feature lectures on preaching, model expositions, and... continue

Emotivist Ethics

Article by   October 2009
Christian Smith recently published "Souls in Transition," a study of the moral and spiritual lives of America's 18- to 24-olds, based on extended face-to-face interviews.  The moral outlook of many young Americans--an ethic based on emotions rather than on reasoned... continue

Two Weeks Behind, But Marketing Like Crazy

Article by   September 2009
The first week of September (!) I received my first piece of Christmas mail: a holiday subscription offer from Time magazine.  This week I received a similar offer from Christianity Today.  That's evangelical Christianity for you: a couple of weeks... continue

The Human Condition

Article by   September 2009
One of the many books I enjoyed reading this summer was Original Sin, by Alan Jacobs.  The book included this gem of a quotation from novelist Rebecca West: "If the whole human race lay in one grave, the epitaph on... continue

Christian Improv

Article by   August 2009
After three months on sabbatical, I am back to blogging again.  I start with a quote from Time magazine's Joel Stein, who made a guest appearance with the improv troupe at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church.  The group's leader explained that... continue

Addendum for Thabiti

Article by   July 2009
I have been doing a fair amount of reading on sabbatical, including Thabiti Anyabwile's The Decline of African American Theology, which I enjoyed immensely.  Thabiti uses original sources to document the ways in which African American theology has moved from... continue

Summer Reading (So Far)

Article by   June 2009
 I have the unfair advantage of a sabbatical this summer, but my summer reading so far includes: Gilead and Home by Marilynne Robinson - great contemporary novels on the life of ministry and the possibility of grace for prodigal sons.... continue

Slow Return to Faith

Article by   May 2009
The English journalist and essayist A.N. Wilson, who abandoned the Christian faith some twenty years ago, reports that he has found his way back to Christianity.  In a recent essay for the New Statesman he writes:... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 8

Article by   May 2009
"From dullness of conscience, from feeble sense of duty, from thoughtless disregard of consequences to others, from a low idea of the obligations of our ministry, and from all half-heartedness in our office;      Save us and help us, we... continue
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