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On the Value of Catechetical Instruction

Article by   June 2007
A member of Tenth Presbyterian Church has sent us the following household exchange, which ends with a nearly verbatim quote from the Children's Catechism:Last week Ezra and I were doing some errands around town and he was asking questions about... continue

Barry Being Barry

Article by   May 2007
Sometime this summer, Barry Bonds -- who plays outfield for the San Francisco Giants -- will become Major League Baseball's all-time leading home run hitter.  Few will cheer, however, because Mr. Bonds's alleged steroid use and lack of interest in... continue

A Few Things To Remember . . .

Article by   May 2007
. . . on Memorial Day, 2007.Remember the men and women who have given their lives -- in some cases valiantly -- to gain and protect our religious freedom in America, which is a gift from God.Remember the many faithful... continue

The Unthinkable for the Undeserving

Article by   May 2007
Sunday was a marvelous day of worship at Tenth Presbyterian Church, with the ordination of Jonathan David Olsen as Assistant Minister for City Outreach.  I heard Jonathan's membership interview ten years ago, when he first came to worship with us... continue

Lillback To Continue at WTS

Article by   May 2007
I see that it has been a little while since I have managed even a brief post.  Among the many things that occupied my attention this week were two days of board meetings at Philadelphia's Westminster Theological Seminary.  This week... continue

An Almost Resurrection

Article by   May 2007
Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 2 in C Minor ("Resurrection") was played at Philadelphia's Kimmel Center last night to rapturous applause.  I am sorry that Derek Thomas couldn't have been here for the performance, which was welcomed with four curtain calls... continue

On the Necessity of the Resurrection

Article by   May 2007
"A creed and a grave never did equal the life of anything" -- Wendell Berry... continue

Ivy League Expectations

Article by   May 2007
At last week's Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (in, of all places, Philadelphia), Don Carson shared a telling anecdote from a colleague involved with the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship.  Women on campus face three crushing cultural pressures: first, to get all... continue

Turkey Martyrs

Article by   May 2007
The Protestant Church of Smyrna (modern day Izmir) has sent a letter to their brothers and sisters in the global church detailing the martyrdom of three Christian men in Malatya.  An earlier version of this letter has been widely circulated. ... continue

Bob Webber: A Short Appreciation

Article by   April 2007
I am saddened to learn today of the passing of Robert Webber, who was kind to me in my growing up years and happened to be one of the best professors I had at Wheaton College.  It is good to... continue
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