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C. Stacey Woods

Article by   July 2007
This week I was privileged to attend a Philadelphia book signing for A. Donald MacLeod's new biography of C. Stacey Woods, the first general secretary of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the United States and the key founder of the International... continue

Off to Minneapolis

Article by   June 2007
Recent posts (or the lack thereof) suggest that we are already into the dog days of summer.  I hope to make a few contributions soon, but not until after I return from today's and tomorrow's trip to Minneapolis to lead... continue

English Ministry in the Korean Church

Article by   June 2007
Last week at General Assembly I spoke at a luncheon for pastors of English ministries in Korean-American churches.  My topic was "How the Devil Wants to Run Your Church."  Reverend Billy Park tells me that he has posted pictures and... continue

Turkey Martyrs -- an Update

Article by   June 2007
For those who haven't seen it, there is a moving account of the funeral for three men who were martyred in Turkey on April 18 (for further context, see the May 1 post called "Turkey Martyrs."  Here is the report:... continue

Carl's Talk

Article by   June 2007
Following the Westminster Assembly conference I spoke to someone who attended Carl Trueman's lecture, having never heard him before.  He told us that it was "the best thing I've ever heard."  He backed down a little bit after we laughed... continue

Was That You, Carl?

Article by   June 2007
I believe I may have seen Carl Trueman at the PCA General Assembly (just arrived back at 3am this morning -- a story for a different time, in which AirTran figures prominently and unhelpfully).  However, I'm not sure whether I... continue

The Universe, Our Playground

Article by   June 2007
It was good to attend The Gospel Coalition at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School a few weeks ago -- hosted by Tim Keller and D. A. Carson, and jointly sponsored by a couple of dozen evangelical pastors from a wide variety of... continue

Sermons for Little People

Article by   June 2007
Last night I had a night off from duties leading worship and thus had a rare opportunity to sit in the worship service with my family.  Whenever I get the chance, I try to do what my mother did for... continue

On the Value of Catechetical Instruction

Article by   June 2007
A member of Tenth Presbyterian Church has sent us the following household exchange, which ends with a nearly verbatim quote from the Children's Catechism:Last week Ezra and I were doing some errands around town and he was asking questions about... continue

Barry Being Barry

Article by   May 2007
Sometime this summer, Barry Bonds -- who plays outfield for the San Francisco Giants -- will become Major League Baseball's all-time leading home run hitter.  Few will cheer, however, because Mr. Bonds's alleged steroid use and lack of interest in... continue
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