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Still Breathing

Article by   August 2007
After a long hiatus, I am returning to the blogosphere.  The Rykens have been on vacation for nearly the last month, and part of my ministry to Lisa and the children is to keep work to a minimum when I... continue

Summer Vacation

Article by   July 2007
Gentle reader (as a judgment of Christian charity, I am willing to include Carl Trueman and his personae under this rubric), please know that I leave shortly for summer vacation, and that any postings from me are likely to be... continue

Trinitarian Worship

Article by   July 2007
Carl, here are several of the many ways to ensure that worship is properly Trinitarian:Make sure that every element of worship is saturated with Scripture -- the Scripture breathed out by the Spirit, revealed by the Father, bearing witness to Christ.Use... continue

Spurgeon on Assurance

Article by   July 2007
"Nobody ever did perish trusting in Jesus. There has not been through all these centuries a single instance of a soul being cast away that came all guilty and hell-deserving, and took Christ to be its salvation. If you perish,... continue

A Warning for Young Readers

Article by   July 2007
Even a brief perusal of the Fall 2007 Eerdmans Books for Young Readers shows how far the publisher's mission has moved, not to say strayed, from its Reformed and evangelical heritage.  To be sure, there are promising titles in the catalog.  But... continue

A Single Eye

Article by   July 2007
A week or two ago I made a post on a new biography of C. Stacey Woods.  Here is a characteristic quotation from his message "A Single Eye," first given at the Urbana Conference in 1954:"If a Christian has a... continue

What Would Luther Do?

Article by   July 2007
Writing in USA Today this week, Skidmore College's Mary Zeiss Stange argues that Martin Luther would join her in blessing same-sex unions.  The basic argument for this is as conventional as it is false, namely, that the genius of the Reformation... continue

The Rest of Faith

Article by   July 2007
Rick Phillips made the mistake of asking me to give the charge at his installation as the twelfth senior minister of the Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC.I chose the (admittedly unusual and presumably unprecedented) text of Hebrews 4:9-11 and... continue

Ferguson on Evangelizing Postmoderns

Article by   July 2007
"You don't have to be big.  You don't have to be flash.  You just have to be the church." ... continue

Ferguson on the Wrath of God

Article by   July 2007
It was a privilege to attend Rick Phillips's installation service last night at the Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville (South Carolina).  Sinclair Ferguson preached from 1 Thessalonians 1 on "Becoming a Model Church" and was in his usual good form.  In... continue
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