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Workshop on Biblical Exposition 2008

Article by   January 2008
It has been so long since I have made a post that I am (almost) embarrassed to return.  But I wanted to make sure that people knew about the upcoming Workshop on Biblical Exposition at Tenth Presbyterian Church on February... continue

His Story

Article by   December 2007
History is (of course) an essential category to use in describing the Bible.  The Bible has a narrative structure.  What kind of narrative is it?  A theologically-annotated one (see previous post).  Also, an historical one.  It is not enough to... continue

Virginity and Humility

Article by   December 2007
A friend has written with a seasonal quotation from Bernard of Clairvaux's sermons on Advent:"Who is this Virgin so reverently saluted by the angel? and so lowlyas to be espoused to a carpenter ? Beautiful commingling of virginity with humility!... continue

"Wonder . . .

Article by   December 2007
. . . is involuntary praise."  This marvelous statement from Edward Young appears on the cover of Wheaton College's 2007 Christmas card.Gentle reader, may this be for you the most wonder-full time of year, in which your mind and heart... continue

Narrative Theology

Article by   December 2007
Paul Tripp made a helpful comment Sunday about the nature of biblical revelation.  The Bible, he said is a "theologically-annotated narrative," a story that comes with "God's notes."  This comment does justice to the narrative structure of the Bible as... continue

Singapore Notebook: St. Andrew's Cathedral

Article by   December 2007
Here I finally begin posting some reflections and reactions on my recent trip to the Far East.  My 11-year old daughter Kirsten and I left for Singapore on December 3, returning on December 12.  The main purpose of the trip... continue

The Living Church

Article by   December 2007
John Stott has just published a new book on the ministry of the church, called The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor.  The structure of the book flows from Stott's exposition of Acts 2 and his admiration for the... continue

Warfield on Inerrancy

Article by   December 2007
A pithy reminder from B.B. Warfied's classic work on The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible:"[W]e do not adopt the doctrine of the plenary inspiration of Scripture on sentimental grounds, nor even, as we have already occasion to remark, on... continue

The Scandal of the Christian Faith

Article by   December 2007
Ken Myers has done it again, writing a thoughtful, provocative letter to his listeners at Mars Hill Audio.  One quotation from theologian Michael Williams seems especially appropriate to the season:"The power that called the world into being [took on] the... continue

Dances with Elves

Article by   December 2007
Many thanks to Rick Phillips for waiting until I was halfway around the world to post my latest dance video (see "Christmas Contextualization at Tenth Pres").  In truth (and my children can vouch for this), I am not nearly as... continue
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