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To the Glory of God

Article by   May 2010
To the Glory of God is the title of a new 40-day devotional through the Book of Romans, featuring daily readings from the Bible and from James Boice's masterful four-volume commentary. Published by Baker, the devotional was put together ingeniously... continue

Workshops on Biblical Exposition

Article by   January 2010
Each year Tenth Presbyterian Church is pleased to host one of the Simeon Trust's Workshops on Biblical Exposition (also sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals).  The workshop is a profitable time not just because of the teaching during the... continue

Seeing God in the Little Things

Article by   January 2010
Our friend Mike Milton (now president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina) has just published a book called Small Things, Big Things: Inspiring Stories of Everyday Grace (P&R).  Dr. Milton has a keen eye for seeing God at work... continue

Verses for the Church in America

Article by   January 2010
A passage from this morning's devotions struck home as a verse for the American church, which today seems so prone to be fearful of various politicians and political movements, and of forces are conspiring against the church.  The prophet Isaiah reminds... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 10

Article by   January 2010
"From self-conceit and vanity and boasting, from delight in supposed success and superiority, raise us to the modesty and humility of true sense and taste and reality; and from all the harms and hindrances of offensive manners and self-assertion; Save... continue

A Prayer for Pastors, Part 9

Article by   January 2010
After a brief hiatus -- okay, it has been eight months -- I return to Dr. Ridding's litany for pastors: "From weariness in continuing struggles, from despondency in failure and disappointment, from over-burdened sense of unworthiness, from morbid fancies of... continue

Christmas Carols

Article by   December 2009
As always, I was deeply blessed by special services of worship celebrating the birth (and life and death and resurrection) of Jesus the Christ.  Of particular joy and comfort this year were the following verse from Paul Gerhardt (one of the... continue

Marital Conflict

Article by   December 2009
The latest issue of New York has a generally positive article on Redeemer Presbyterian Church's Tim Keller and his ministry to New York City.  The article includes this gem of a quotation from Dr. Keller, which echoes the whole stream... continue

Dever on Romans

Article by   November 2009
Registration is now open for the 2010 Workshop on Biblical Exposition at Tenth Presbyterian Church, sponsored by the Charles Simeon Trust and by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. As usual, the workshop will feature lectures on preaching, model expositions, and... continue

Emotivist Ethics

Article by   October 2009
Christian Smith recently published "Souls in Transition," a study of the moral and spiritual lives of America's 18- to 24-olds, based on extended face-to-face interviews.  The moral outlook of many young Americans--an ethic based on emotions rather than on reasoned... continue
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