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Article by   September 2013
My good friend Benjamin Williamson has written 'some thoughts on singleness' which is very helpful indeed. Ben was one of my apprentices whom I schooled in grammar and spelling throughout his two years with us at IPC, however unlike myself... continue

On camps and converts

Article by   August 2013
I'm on camp this week, speaking every morning from Daniel, and a couple of seminars on Revelation. It's slightly different as a camp because all the kids are from one church; St Nicholas' Sevenoaks. It's hardly a gathering of the working... continue

Follow up on Alec Motyer

Article by   August 2013
A couple of people have emailed me to tell me that both the monographs I cited in my previous post are online Old Testament Covenant Theology The Revelation of the Divine Name in Scripture David Gibson also assures me that Alec Motyer's... continue

A book on preaching that doesn't make you feel bad

Article by   August 2013
'Stop all the clocks, keep the dog from barking with a juicy bone'.... I'm not kidding you, Alec Motyer has done what I thought was impossible; a guilt free book on preaching. In a summer that has seen two books come out... continue

Sitting with the kids!

Article by   August 2013
I've spent the last 3 Sundays going to church with my family and sitting with them. I want to recommend it to those of us who are preachers. There are men who can't handle sitting in the congregation they have... continue

Belfast and Bookshops

Article by   August 2013
Three great weeks in Northern Ireland, where even the friendliest greeting in the street can sound aggressive because of the sheer volume most men speak at. It's a wonderful place, full of beautiful scenery, fried breakfasts with absurd amounts of different breads... continue

Carl and Aslan

Article by   August 2013
I'm back from holiday tomorrow but couldn't leave Northern Ireland without sharing some snaps of Carl reading the Chronicles of Narnia in the park that he alluded to here, Carl arrivesHe's done it The elders of Cornerstone slightly relieved they'd got through... continue

A public apology to the Good Book Company

Article by   July 2013
Following my post yesterday on Sam Allberry's book 'Is God Anti Gay?' - The Good Book Company have been in touch and I was wrong,  I quote from their email 'the A format size was a deliberate choice, but we... continue

Is God anti-gay?

Article by   July 2013
Sam Allberry's book 'Is God Anti Gay?' is very helpful on many different levels. It is excellent for those struggling with sexuality issues, it's great for members of the congregation to learn how to respond biblically to the gay question, and it's very... continue

Election time in Sydney

Article by   May 2013
Sydney Anglicans are voting in a new Archbishop later in 2013. The election is in August, but the campaigns have started already. A 4-month build up and the campaigns are in full swing! It seems there are really only two... continue
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