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Article by   November 2013
All preachers have annoying habits. People in my congregation occasionally talk about the claw. I find myself making a point and I have this mystery claw I turn my hand into and hold it by my head. Don Carson went... continue

When your world caves in

Article by   November 2013
Recently I've spent some time with two friends who were in ministry but have fallen morally and so now find themselves out of a job that they loved, separated from their families and, in all honesty, struggling. I've showed what I've... continue

Loving something too much

Article by   November 2013
Graham Beynon is Director of Free Church training at Oak Hill College and a mate of mine. About 10 years ago Graham discovered that he could quite easily make a mint by just publishing his sermons, which is something that... continue

We'll keep a welcome in the hillside...

Article by   October 2013
Last Sunday we had a session over lunch for those involved in welcoming at our congregation. Penny Chew (it is her real name) who has the gift of greeting (!) gave our folk a number of top tips and others weighed... continue

Silent Witnesses and John Owen

Article by   September 2013
Over the summer I read 'Silent Witnesses - Lessons on theology, life, and the church from Christians in the past' by Garry Williams. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have found myself following up many of the issues Garry raises. Particularly helpful were the... continue

Jealous Preachers

Article by   September 2013
Whilst reading Rick Phillips' 'Masculine Mandate' (which  by the way has the greatest study question I've ever seen on page 158 'Why can't dogs really be man's best friend?') I found a very helpful illustration from the life of the Baptist FB Meyer:... continue

Brownlow North (3)

Article by   September 2013
You might be forgiven for thinking this prose reads like Jeremy Walker's and is of Walker-esque length but infact it dates from 1862 and is one of Brownlow North's prayers. ''His opening prayer always had a solemnizing effect on the... continue

Brownlow North (2)

Article by   September 2013
At the Free Church General Assembly of 1859 the Moderator, Principal, William Cunningham, addressed Brownlow North on behalf of the Assembly saying, 'Mr North, I have great pleasure and heartfelt satisfaction in announcing to you that I have been called,... continue

Brownlow North (1)

Article by   September 2013
Brownlow North - His life and Work' by K Moody-Stuart was first published in 1876 and is one of those books that has got slightly lost over time. The Banner republished it with light editing in 1961 but I think it's... continue


Article by   September 2013
My good friend Benjamin Williamson has written 'some thoughts on singleness' which is very helpful indeed. Ben was one of my apprentices whom I schooled in grammar and spelling throughout his two years with us at IPC, however unlike myself... continue
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