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What was lost has now been found - Covenants Made Simple - The Video

Article by   January 2015
I knew it was out there!!! I've been searching for the past four weeks since I wrote my blog post. 'Covenants Made Simple' - for the accompanying video. Jonty Rhodes, the author, has not only written an outstanding book  introducing Covenant... continue

Another book review linked to.....

Article by   January 2015
Alan Davey is a Welsh missionary in France, he once proclaimed his amazement at me being Presbyterian saying to my friend 'Levy wasn't clever enough to be a Presbyterian'.  However, Alan has written a class book review which made me laugh... continue

The Banner on Hart - Calvinism and Bungee Jumping

Article by   January 2015
The Banner of Truth have just put out Andrew Atherstone's review of DG Hart's book on Calvinism. As a piece of writing it's quite something and you will probably want a stiff drink while you read it. Believe it or not... continue

When everyone speaks well of you or as they are sometimes known Big Time Charlies

Article by   January 2015
There is a breed of minister who is loved by everyone and I fear that the problem is at epidemic proportions. So in the last few months I've heard a few ministers being described as 'A brilliant preacher! No one... continue

Write your prayers!

Article by   January 2015
It's been too long since I got in the ring with Jeremy over something but calling written prayers 'close to an abomination' is a pretty remarkable overstatement even by my hyperbolic standards. I do see he gives the caveat that... continue

The 2014 Reformation 21 Awards

Article by   December 2014
'Newcomer of the year'- Mike Reeves has made a massive impact, announced to huge aplomb and his contributions have been outstanding 'Our biggest supporter award'- It's a close run thing but... Daryl Hart for his unstinting support, particularly in encouraging Mark... continue

Covenants Made Simple - Buy it

Article by   December 2014
My good friend and colleague  Jonty Rhodes has just been published in the US 'Covenants made simple - Understanding God's unfolding promises to his people'. It's an excellent introduction to Covenant Theology, readable, brief. I've given loads of copies away... continue

If there's one thing worse than celebrity Christians...

Article by   December 2014
If there's one thing worse than celebrity Christians, I've become aware of an even worse plague on the Christian church; 'The famous Christian's family'. I've met three folk in the last month who are all related to well known people. We... continue

Meeting Mark Jones

Article by   December 2014
I've spent the last 3 days with Mark Jones staying in my house which has been good value. He's not what I expected. A conglomeration of South Africa, England and Canada and a rabid Liverpool fan. He was in London for the... continue

The Bible is the 17th best Christian book published in 2014

Article by   November 2014
And so it begins - websites with their books of the year. I expect Ref 21 will get on the bandwagon soon enough, however it seems Monergism are first out of the traps with their top 50 and you'll be... continue
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