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Coming to America!

Article by   January 2011
Alistair Begg, Sinclair Ferguson, Derek Thomas, Jerram Barrs, Carl Trueman, Paul Gardner, Mark Johnston, Bill Hughes, Josh Moody and now Liam Goligher. The list could go on....... On the 5th January 1989 the South Wales Evening Post arrived in the afternoon. I... continue

Christmas Preaching

Article by   December 2010
Christmas Day and Boxing Day sermons to preach and another Christmas is done. This will be my eighth at IPC and I'm officially out of jokes and illustrations.  The tank is empty, the screen is blank, there's no juice left... continue

Apologies and Kuyper on the incarnation

Article by   December 2010
 In response to Carl and Jeremy   First of all sincerest apologies to my American friends (all 3 of them) for misplacing Jackson, unforgivable really. For the two readers who've anonymously sent me 'Improve your punctuation and grammar' and 'Essential English', perhaps an... continue

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Article by   December 2010
  From the Reformation 21 video................... 'What does Christmas mean to you?' said Derek Thomas 'The older I get the more difficult it is to get comfortable with Christmas' replied a youthful Jeremy Smith A couple of comments Firstly, I've watched 2 or 3 of... continue

More on Communion with God

Article by   December 2010
I'm working my way through 'Communion with God', the revamped version by Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor. It's excellent. When you're as dopey as I am the Banner of Truth Gould edition makes you want to run to your mother... continue

Jesus Power without Measure

Article by   December 2010
When I was growing up during the 1980s in Wales the preacher everybody loved probably more than any other was J Douglas Macmillan. I only heard him in the flesh a handful of  times but each occasion is embedded in... continue

Show me the money

Article by   December 2010
I note with interest Justin Taylor's competition to raise cash for the Gospel Coalition, all power to his elbow. Here at Ref 21 we'll be coming up with a few fundraising ideas of our own over the next few days for... continue


Article by   December 2010
When I signed up for Reformation 21 my initial thought was free books; publishers will be sending them in from all over the place to get a plug on Ref 21. So far only my old friends David Gibson and ... continue

Mike Reeves and preaching doctrine

Article by   December 2010
Big Mike Reeves has been writing some stuff for Ref21, he's also a fantastic preacher.   Dave Bish points us to some doctrinal preaching Mike has done which is very helpful.... continue

Truly on the margins

Article by   November 2010
A word to all you marathon runners, artists, cake bakers!  You think you're hard done by try having bad grammar and spelling. I'm like a leper in reformed community.... continue
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