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Grace, Grit and Gumption

Article by   April 2011
There are very few books I get to read twice. Me and Mrs L got away for a couple of days this week and I took with me Grace, Grit and Gumption by Geraint Fielder. It tells the story of... continue

Schaeffer and the VIP's

Article by   April 2011
Not wishing to interrupt Carl and Thabiti - 'Hear no evil and See no evil'. I remember reading this about Schaeffer and VIP treatment On another but related note our congregation is about to be launch out on a building... continue

Carl and Mike

Article by   April 2011
I enjoyed reading about the Carl and Mike love in at New Word Alive, 2 celebrity speakers hanging round together, it reminded me of when they first met you can watch it here Mike is the in the hat, somewhat taller now... continue

Clueless Church

Article by   April 2011
Total church, pure church, simple church, gospel centred church, purpose driven church, everyday church, messy church, Spirit filled church, vintage church, mission shaped church. Doing church is the funky thing to publish books on but I think I've cracked something... continue

John Stott

Article by   April 2011
In the last couple of days I've read through 'John Stott - A portrait by his friends',  edited by Chris Wright and published by IVP. There are some fascinating insights into the man and it's an excellent read. I profoundly... continue

Guess what's back?

Article by   April 2011
News has reached us in the UK that just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Christian bookstore, there's another festschrift in the water weighing in at 400 pages! This time it's DA Carson's turn. It's... continue

Crossing your fingers for the C of E

Article by   April 2011
I love Jonathan Fletcher, he's the minister of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon,  which is one of the finest churches in London. He is one of my favourite preachers and is an all round good laugh. Plus he's come from a terribly... continue

Love, the Dr and the Black eyed peas

Article by   April 2011
It's great to see Del quoting the Black eyed peas, I'm suitably rebuked and what could be more apt in this discussion than the words from the named work where is the Love?   But if you only have love for your... continue

My favourite American

Article by   April 2011
I am often accused of being anti American but that isn't true. I'm a big fan of some Americans:  Don Carson, David Wells, Tim Challies to name just 3.  My favourite American of the moment is Steve Smallman. Steve has... continue


Article by   March 2011
Gary Brady is a prolific blogger and can be found here.  Amidst the many interesting series he has done on such profound subjects as famous ducks, monsters his family have drawn over Christmas time and moustache styles is a series on... continue
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