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A remarkable woman you've probably never heard of

Article by   November 2011
In the endless pursuit of sermon illustrations for tomorrow I came across the inspiring story of Pandita Ramabai, Rowland Ward writes about her here... continue

Film star conference speakers

Article by   November 2011
Admittedly the conference market is crowded and so organisers have got to do something special to try and attract people. Normally it's a big name or shots of people looking exultant at a previous conference. The T4G used the speakers... continue

Audio on Union with Christ

Article by   November 2011
I've been pointed to 6 bible studies Letham gave at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff on Union with Christ.... continue

Dr Letham, Union with Christ and unoriginal book titles

Article by   November 2011
I'm really looking forward to Robert Letham's 'Union with Christ'. It's not reached the UK yet. On a popular level there's so little written on this subject, despite the furore surrounding it over the last few years. Reading Bob Letham... continue

Meredith, Bewes and Motyer!

Article by   November 2011
I've just been pointed to David Meredith interviewing two great retired anglican ministers, Richard Bewes and Alec Motyer. You might not be aware they are still alive but both were recently in Inverness. There can be few men as warm as these... continue

In praise of conferences!!

Article by   November 2011
Having returned from PT conference, Carl was in great form, slaying sacred cows with abandon. As usual the Welsh came in for a drubbing. There was one brutal, underhand attack on Welsh mysticism. The Engaging with Lloyd Jones book is... continue

Garry Williams on the Love of God

Article by   November 2011
Garry Williams of the John Owen Centre recently did our church weekend and is doing a series of seminars at Amyand Park Chapel, Twickenham on the same topic - The Love of God. Both the talks from Saturday are well worth listening... continue

Live blogging the Trueman Show

Article by   November 2011
Pt residential conferences aren't what they were, in the good old days of everyone having double barrelled names and pink jeans I used to feel like Oliver Twist but these days it's more representative. A class-less society and all that.... continue

A hero!

Article by   November 2011
On BBC newsnight in October, Southern Baptist Robert Jeffress appeared discussing comments he'd made regarding Mormonism being a cult. Newsnight is a pretty brutal place for Christians but whether you agree with Rev Jeffress' politics or his take on America, you've got to... continue

Videos for the everyday pastor

Article by   October 2011
Carl's right we need more videos dealing with everyday pastoral issues for reformed ministers. Let me give you some of the hot potatoes we're all struggling with.   Collection - bags or box at the back? Communion - Big cups or... continue
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