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Over at the wanderer

Article by   December 2011
Jeremy Walker is doing a 3 piece on 'New Calvinism' part 1 - caveats and characteristicspart 2 - commendationspart 3 - critique (forthcoming)... continue

Ref21's middle aged pastor writing on sex

Article by   December 2011
In the light of Carl's post readers might be interested in Del's own A Biblical guide to love, sex and marriage, which is very good.... continue

Christmas Foundations

Article by   December 2011
The latest edition of the Affinity Theological Journal - Foundations is available hereThe intro blurb reads.......Welcome to the second online edition of Foundations which is available in both pdf and html formats. This issue of Foundations offers a range of... continue

Reaching Men

Article by   December 2011
Recently a student worker came to see me, (admittedly that is surprising as what I know about university work you could write on the back of your hand). Anyway, she said she'd noticed that there weren't enough male leaders in... continue

Preach the incarnation

Article by   December 2011
There are few things tougher than trying to find fresh material at Christmas, but Thomas Watson strikes gold again on the incarnation ''He was poor, that he might make us rich. He was born of a virgin that we might... continue

Reflecting on Gabe's reflecting

Article by   December 2011
Reflecting on Gabriel's reflecting, I was reminded of being at a conference with a well-known preacher who is based in the US. He began his sermon by recounting an interview he had done on the radio. He was asked the... continue

Once more into the fray with celebrities

Article by   December 2011
I'm reading Engaging with Lloyd Jones and came across this quotation from Donald Macleod regarding Dr Lloyd Jones written in October 1983.  Macleod is dealing with the kind of hagiography that arose around Lloyd Jones. The Dr died when... continue

Welcome to Digby and the latest on lego-gate

Article by   December 2011
It's great to welcome Digby to the team. We met a few years at the Proc Trust conference and Digby was a hoot, he'll be a great addition to the blog and will bring some much needed class and decorum.... continue

Why you should learn the Shorter Catechism

Article by   December 2011
It was September 1995. I had just arrived at university which, in itself, was something of a miracle and my friend was speaking at the Christian Union of 'The University of Wales Institute Cardiff'. He dragged me reluctantly along . It... continue

The Shorter Catechism's time has come

Article by   November 2011
For 2012 we are trying to get all the men in our church to learn the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Tonight we had a session where I give an introduction and tried to enthuse them with it. I've tried to pick... continue
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