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Just get on with it

Article by   June 2014
A friend of mine once came to our congregation and, because of the name 'International Presbyterian Church' and the links with Schaeffer and L'Abri, expected us to be a large church. I also think, because of my ability to exaggerate, he... continue

Carl at his best

Article by   June 2014
Henri Blocher recently gave the commencement address at Westminster. As good as the lecture is keep your eyes on Carl in the first 40 seconds really enjoying it and then fast forward to 2.56 and see the battle with sleep... continue

'I'm all for para church as long as they don't do much'

Article by   June 2014
The latest edition of the Affinity Foundations Journal is out and has 3 excellent articles. Ralph Cunnington is doing a really good job as editor in producing a journal that people actually want to read which is a rarity in... continue

In praise of Lunchtime Services

Article by   June 2014
One of the joys of ministering in London in the last 10 years has been to see the growth of lunchtime services. I mean by that a Bible reading and a 25 minute exposition in the middle of the week.... continue

Faithfulness, Fruitfulness and Furtickness

Article by   April 2014
It is good of Todd to come back to me about fruitfulness (there's not been enough back and forth on Ref 21 for a while) and I appreciate that if you start caring about fruitfulness too much you might end... continue

A pushback on fruitfulness

Article by   April 2014
To say I have no interest in Old Calvinism/ New Calvinism, New School/ Old School is a colossal understatement. It's not my fight; not once has it even crossed my radar in ministry, though I realise it's been a big issue... continue

The wit and wisdom of Chappo

Article by   April 2014
John Chapman, known as 'Chappo', is something of a legendary figure in conservative evangelicalism in the UK. If you've moved in the Proc Trust orbit no discussion of ministry can take place without a Chappo anecdote.  For those of you who... continue

76 pages worth reading

Article by   April 2014
A Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ - Mark Jones, CFP 2012 - This book is gold. I can't remember the last time I read such a small book that has had such an effect on me. At 76 pages... continue

Are we leaders?

Article by   April 2014
Are we leaders? Whilst recently in the US I was given a pretty awful book on leadership written by one of the glitterati of the Evangelical world. I'd name and shame but I'd only get battered. When I say awful it... continue

Once more into the fray with Independents

Article by   March 2014
I know I've banged on about this before and despite my jokes about FIEC wanting to take over the world, I do like the guys in charge. I think the Directors are doing an excellent job there are some pretty remarkable... continue
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