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Carl's got lovely hair, he's losing the plot, but he's got lovely hair

Article by   February 2014
I've read sections of 'Letters to a Minister's Wife' and I'm not so enamoured as Carl is with it. Bits of it are helpful but some of it is so twee. I never thought Trueman would go in for homespun nonsense... continue

Biography, Barnes and Brevity

Article by   February 2014
The new Ref 21 policy of needing to write an essay for the simplest of blog posts and 'why use 10 words when 10,000 will do' has left most of us longing for the good old days of controversy.  I... continue

Saturday conferences

Article by   January 2014
I detest Saturday conferences. I mean it; there are few things worse than slogging your guts out all week and getting to Friday and the horrible realisation dawns on you that you booked into that conference 4 months ago. You know... continue

A bit of pushback on Personal Evangelism

Article by   December 2013
My son is 4 years old and at the moment is into guns. He runs into the room and fires imaginary bullets - immediately all adults put up their hands and surrender. The only other time I feel like doing... continue

Christmas Illustrations (3)

Article by   December 2013
Tim Keller - I have either heard or read Tim Keller give this illustration but haven't been able to source it. I know that can get you into all sorts of difficulties at the moment with this but hey it's... continue

Christmas Illustrations (2)

Article by   December 2013
CJ Mahaney (remember him!) writing in John Piper's Festschrift 'For the Fame of God's name', Crossway, p386 ''In 2007, the Washington Post organised an experiment. During the morning rush hour, world famouse violinist Joshau Bell stood incognito in the entrance to... continue

Christmas Illustrations (1)

Article by   December 2013
It's Christmas, a time for sharing, of giving to those who do not have and helping those less fortunate and gifted than you are. It is in this spirit that I am providing 3 of my best Christmas illustrations. I've stolen... continue

Big Jim on Pilgrim's Progress

Article by   December 2013
As a follow up to my post on Pilgrim's Progress, I've been reminded of this post from our good friend Justin Taylor. Ref21 and Gospel Coalition working together for a better world for both celebrity and normal Christians.... continue

There are things which cannot be said

Article by   December 2013
I am sitting in Heathrow airport waiting for a flight to Aberdeen when the shadowy figure known only to many of us as 'the Librarian' points me to a quote from this weeks Spectator. It's the follow on article from... continue

Pilgrim's Progress

Article by   December 2013
Few things depress me as much as how few Christians read Pilgrim's Progress. I fear that a generation are growing up in churches without knowing this remarkable book. I've often wondered about adding it as a condition to church membership. Great Commission Publications,... continue
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