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Too much talking at the table

Article by   July 2012
I'm with Carl on giving more prominence to the Lord's Table in our churches, though one of my besetting sins, and other men administering at the table, is that of talking too much.  Carl's point regarding the tension of striking, ... continue

Women's conferences are from Mars

Article by   June 2012
There are a number of things I fear in ministry which will never take place. One is the usual preachers dream of standing up the front preaching when you realise you haven't got any trousers on. The other is Jeremy Walker... continue

Givens Strickler is wrong

Article by   June 2012
For those of us adults battling to learn the Shorter Catechism there is good news.  Givens Strickler writing in 1897 was wrong, and he's wrong because of Bruce Benedict  'Unless they are learned in childhood and youth, the strong probability... continue

Servants of the Word and Robbo

Article by   June 2012
I spent last week at the Servants of the Word conference held at St George's Tron Church, Glasgow. It was something of a monumental week for the Tron and they are much in need of prayer at the moment.The conference... continue

Confusing fundamentals and distinctives

Article by   June 2012
To follow on a little from Carl's post (and I don't know Jason Stellman at all) one of the dangers for all of us is confusing the fundamentals with the distinctives. So, for example, in England there are about 15... continue

Generous congregations and hard working ministers

Article by   June 2012
Over the past few weeks I've been asked on three occasions about ministers and contracts and pay rates. It is a tricky subject and in each situation it was fraught with tension and frustration on both sides. There will be... continue

You can't argue with the numbers

Article by   May 2012
Numbers, numbers, numbers, It's our favourite book of the Bible as conservative evangelicals. We all love numbers: "How many people go to your church? How many people are on your team? How many downloads have you had on your sermons?"... continue

The best funeral sermon my mate's ever heard

Article by   May 2012
A friend of mine last year attended the John Stott memorial service in Melbourne. He said to me it was the best funeral/ memorial sermon he'd ever heard. I printed it out but never got round to reading it until... continue

The bald leading the bald

Article by   May 2012
Last week I went to the local chicken shop. It's not the premier brand of chicken shopand is run by some of the most unhygienic men in the UK. The owners, however, are very friendly and they were very excited... continue

Video killed the Seminary star

Article by   May 2012
The Ref 21 switchboard is jammed with calls ''when do we get the Carl Trueman's video with Jim Packer?'' the people are asking and so I googled Carl Trueman videos and noticed stylistically there's been lots of changes in my good... continue
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