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Knowing Christ and J.I Packer's Forewords

Article by   October 2015
J.I. Packer is undoubtedly one of the great theologians of our age. His books are, quite simply, outstanding. I've never met him. I heard him speak once for an hour and 40 minutes and it felt like a lot longer; but the... continue

Is the atoning blood of Christ central?

Article by   October 2015
Inter Varsity Press (UK) have made this announcement in the last couple of weeks regarding a merger with SPCK. It's pretty depressing news, which appears, in many ways, to be driven by market forces and the need to survive. The... continue

A public statement on Carl

Article by   September 2015
I've known Carl for many years; I've seen his hairline recede and his waistband extend. We've worked together In his previous life as  Minister, Seminary Professor and Writer. Of course those days are now gone and he's become the Christian... continue

What commentaries should you read?

Article by   August 2015
This question is more difficult than you'd think. One of the first things you discover is that commentaries are often answering questions no one is asking. A fringe benefit of commentaries is they help you clarify what you don't think.We... continue

Don't Read Sermons!

Article by   August 2015
Rick Phillips has stirred me from my slumber!I would want to argue the exact opposite, that far too many expository commentaries are being published. I don't know if I am alone in thinking this, but, if you buy three of... continue

Why is a central Prayer Gathering in a church so important?

Article by   April 2015
I expect in your church family your leaders implore you quite often to come to the Central  Prayer Gathering.  It may be that you wonder why they make such a big deal about it. Here are some reasons why it is... continue

What's the function of unction?

Article by   April 2015
One of my favourite philosophers, Inigo Montoya, said to Vizzini ''You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means''I expect with the upcoming release of the Lloyd Jones documentary there will again be... continue

The Happy Pastor

Article by   April 2015
One of my favourite books on preaching is 'Preaching - The man, the message, the method' by Geoffrey Thomas who this year will celebrate being the minister of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth for 50 years!Geoff gave the John Reed... continue

Interview with the Librarian (3)

Article by   April 2015
The final part of an interview with Sandy Finlayson, (part 1, part 2) on his two books 'Unity and Diversity' and 'Bitesize Biography - Thomas Chalmers'  These men accomplished an enormous amount, as I read the book I was exhausted... continue

Interview with the Librarian (2)

Article by   March 2015
For Part 1 of the Interview with Sandy Finlayson see hereYou are not uncritical of the men in this 'Unity and Diversity', particularly 'Rabbi Duncan', I found your chapter on him the most incisive, why is his story so vital... continue
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