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How to Discourage Your Minister in the New Year

Article by   January 2018
I recently had someone come to see me who was struggling in their church. In all honesty it would have been hard to be more depressed by what they had to say. I had very little sympathy with their... continue

An Encouraging Conference

Article by   May 2016
I see that my friends over at Mortification of Spin are taking a hiatus from having a go at conferences and big tent para-church ministries for the next week but thankfully continuing their obsession with critiquing complementarians. If you know of an... continue

Griffith Who???

Article by   April 2016
Griffith John was a contemporary of Hudson Taylor in China. One of theses two men is well known all over the globe--and has been an inspiration to the Christian church ever since--while the other has been all but forgotten.Griffith was brought up... continue

Will Phoebe have Down's Syndrome in heaven?

Article by   March 2016
It seems even too trite to write a blog post such as this but at our dinner table the other night my 6 year old son asked the question. In January 2015 our third child Phoebe was born and, as... continue

Why you should subscribe to Evangelicals Now

Article by   March 2016
Evangelicals Now is a monthly evangelical newspaper printed in the UK that is now available in an online version. EN contains news, interviews, articles, commentary and book reviews plus much more. It's a terrific way of keeping up to date... continue

3 church plants

Article by   December 2015
The International Presbyterian Church not making it on to Mark Jones 'Top 10 denominations of 2015' is a body blow for us all involved however we are hoping to plant 3 churches in the next two years which should get... continue

Martyn Lloyd Jones in 2015

Article by   December 2015
2015 has been a bumper year for the cottage industry that is Martyn Lloyd Jones hagiography. There has been a new, short biography written by his grandson, Christopher Catherwood;  a first biography of his wife, Bethan Lloyd Jones, and the... continue

Knowing Christ and J.I Packer's Forewords

Article by   October 2015
J.I. Packer is undoubtedly one of the great theologians of our age. His books are, quite simply, outstanding. I've never met him. I heard him speak once for an hour and 40 minutes and it felt like a lot longer; but the... continue

Is the atoning blood of Christ central?

Article by   October 2015
Inter Varsity Press (UK) have made this announcement in the last couple of weeks regarding a merger with SPCK. It's pretty depressing news, which appears, in many ways, to be driven by market forces and the need to survive. The... continue

A public statement on Carl

Article by   September 2015
I've known Carl for many years; I've seen his hairline recede and his waistband extend. We've worked together In his previous life as  Minister, Seminary Professor and Writer. Of course those days are now gone and he's become the Christian... continue
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