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The 2014 Reformation 21 Awards

Article by   December 2014
'Newcomer of the year'- Mike Reeves has made a massive impact, announced to huge aplomb and his contributions have been outstanding 'Our biggest supporter award'- It's a close run thing but... Daryl Hart for his unstinting support, particularly in encouraging Mark... continue

Covenants Made Simple - Buy it

Article by   December 2014
My good friend and colleague  Jonty Rhodes has just been published in the US 'Covenants made simple - Understanding God's unfolding promises to his people'. It's an excellent introduction to Covenant Theology, readable, brief. I've given loads of copies away... continue

If there's one thing worse than celebrity Christians...

Article by   December 2014
If there's one thing worse than celebrity Christians, I've become aware of an even worse plague on the Christian church; 'The famous Christian's family'. I've met three folk in the last month who are all related to well known people. We... continue

Meeting Mark Jones

Article by   December 2014
I've spent the last 3 days with Mark Jones staying in my house which has been good value. He's not what I expected. A conglomeration of South Africa, England and Canada and a rabid Liverpool fan. He was in London for the... continue

The Bible is the 17th best Christian book published in 2014

Article by   November 2014
And so it begins - websites with their books of the year. I expect Ref 21 will get on the bandwagon soon enough, however it seems Monergism are first out of the traps with their top 50 and you'll be... continue

We've been carrying Trueman too long............ & bringing unity to Ref21

Article by   October 2014
On the day after Trueman bows out let me say 'Good riddance to bad rubbish'. He was holding us back. Too establishment, he's becoming a statesman. To be honest I saw it coming when he joined the T4G bandwagon. Who can ever... continue

More Conferences

Article by   September 2014
EPCEW have a couple of conferences they've asked me to highlight The first being the London Presbyterian Conference on Sat 18th October with Ligon Duncan, Andy Young, Ian Hamilton and Bill Schweitzer which takes place in Central London The second being the... continue

Does Preaching really matter?

Article by   September 2014
In the 1990s and early noughties Australian cricket was dominant. Depressingly aggressive, they would come over to England and their bowlers would rip into us, their batsman would knock us all over the park and England were often left a quivering wreck. It... continue

Big Day at Ref21

Article by   September 2014
It's a big day for Ref21 - even after a busy summer with lots of unknown signings to the blog, right at the end of the transfer window like Man United signing Di Maria on deadline day, Ref 21 have... continue

Buried in the back catalogue

Article by   September 2014
Christian Focus Publications have often been the butt of my jokes and this post was originally going to be called '15 Books CFP Don't Want You to Know About' but, having thought about it, even I realise that would be... continue
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