Blog Posts by Paul Helm

Heaven is other people too

Article by   May 2015
In his entertaining 'Hell's horror vs Heaven's Happiness' Mark Jones discusses time and eternity, especially time in heaven. In this brief blog I take the liberty to comment on it.He makes the distinction between the timeless eternity of God's existence... continue

The Derailing of Apologetics

Article by   February 2007
I remember the first time I was asked whether I was a presuppositionalist or an evidentialist in apologetics. That was on my first visit to the USA, more years ago that I care to dwell on. The questioner put me... continue

Charles Hodge and the Method of Systematic Theology: a Corrective

Article by   July 2006
In recent times Charles Hodge has come in for a drubbing in connection with his remarks on the nature of what he calls theological science, as these are set out in the first seventeen pages of his Systematic Theology.... continue
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