Blog Posts by Michael P Jensen

The Hidden Omnipresence of the One Lord

Article by   March 2016
In the first of this series, and last time, I set out to explore Professor Katherine Sonderegger's Systematic Theology, Volume 1: The Doctrine of God. Having established the meaning of the fundamental and perfect Oneness of God, she next turns to the... continue

Katherine Sonderegger and the Divine Oneness as Foundational Perfection

Article by   November 2015
Last time, I proposed to share with you my 'reading notes' on Katherine Sonderegger's new Systematic Theology, Volume 1: The Doctrine of God. There are plenty of big books in the world to which one could commit cash and time. Why... continue

Katherine Sonderegger and the Divine Oneness of God

Article by   October 2015
I've been slowly working my way through Katherine Sonderegger's Systematic Theology Volume 1: The Doctrine of God.  Released this year, it is the sort of book that pastor-theologians or theological students could make the focus of a reading group. It... continue

Scarcity and Abundance

Article by   September 2015
In recent decades, Western culture has developed what the business analysts might call a 'scarcity mindset'. There are good reasons for this of course. For a long time, we've been behaving like a teenager in a bedroom, consuming non-renewable energy sources,... continue
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