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Assurance: How do I know I am a Christian?

Article by   August 2015
How do you know you are a Christian?Beware of easy-to-fix theological answers to complex spiritual problems. Poor theology usually offers quick fixes (i.e., a silver bullet approach). And people love quick fixes, which is why bad theology will always remain... continue

The Loss of Infants: What is their Destiny?

Article by   July 2015
What comfort can we offer to parents whose infant dies in infancy? And what is the real tragedy of abortion? Reformed Confessions have spoken to this issue, Charles Spurgeon has addressed the question, B.B. Warfield has as well, and many of... continue

Rewarding our Children for Obedience?

Article by   July 2015
When it comes to parenting, I think there are some general principles that we can draw from the way God the Father treats his children. That is why I am not, in principle, opposed to various types of punishments for... continue

Defending Tullian Tchividjian

Article by   July 2015
As most of our readers know, Tullian Tchividjian resigned from his ministry in a PCA church because he committed the sin of adultery. Many were quick to comment, either defending him or attacking him. Based on my own pastoral experience... continue

For Paedobaptist Parents

Article by   July 2015
Infant baptism strikes the fear of God into me.Baptism really establishes - in a public, visible manner - a covenant relationship. A love relationship, involving promises and responsibilities, blessings and curses, is begun by a gracious God, who must always... continue

Public, Grievous Sins: The Good & The Bad

Article by   July 2015
I find that there are two important biblical perspectives we ought to keep in mind when a Christian or Christians commit a grievous, public sin. These perspectives are sometimes lost, or at least fade into the background, when in fact... continue

Daddy, am I a Christian?

Article by   June 2015
I appreciate IX Marks ministries, and their desire to take ecclesiology seriously. But I did read this from IX Marks and thought it would be good to interact a little with this perspective:Daughter: Daddy, am I a Christian?Me: If you're... continue

Charleston: Forgiveness without Repentance?

Article by   June 2015
Listening to the family members of those who were mercilessly killed in the Charleston church was an opportunity to witness some of the best theology you'll see in your life. I only hope that if I am ever faced with... continue

Book Briefs

Article by   June 2015
1. The Ashgate Research Companion to John Owen's Theology is now available for about $20.00 (softcover). Go here and plug in this 50% off code: 50CNK15NFor $20, this book is a steal. My copy just arrived on my door-step and the... continue

New Calvinism, Trinitarian Worship, & American Flags

Article by   June 2015
One area where I think the so-called "new Calvinists" (and some PCA churches) need to perhaps give some more careful attention to in their retrieval of Reformed theology is in the area of worship, especially if they want to be... continue
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