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Call Me Maybe

Article by   July 2014
How do we deal with the tricky matter of pastors moving from one congregation to another? Some time ago I was in a session meeting with my elders, discussing my salary, and the phone rang (a long distance call). Within a... continue

So you want to be a Doctor?

Article by   July 2014
"...nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all" (Eccl. 9:11).PhD's are becoming more and more common, particularly in the church. For those in the church wishing to pursue postgraduate studies, here are a few... continue

North Texas Conference on Assurance

Article by   July 2014
If I died today I would be with the Lord. I know that infallibly. But I'm certainly not the greatest believer who ever lived - not even close. My confidence arises from the fact that I know and trust the... continue

Daddy, am I really forgiven?

Article by   June 2014
If you are a Christian parent with young children, do you consider your children to be Christians? There were some lively debates at the Westminster Assembly. One took place over the precise meaning of 1 Corinthians 7:14, where children are described... continue

FIFA World Cup

Article by   June 2014
Thankfully God deals with our idols, because left to ourselves we certainly would not. Four years ago I had a paid flight to South Africa, tickets to many games, and passes into some of the various television studios (Al Jazeera,... continue

Christ is Most Satisfied When We Most Glorify

Article by   June 2014
As part of my series on practical Christology, I have asked:  "How may I know Christ loves me?" and "Why is Heaven eternal?" The answers to these questions do not belong only to theologians and pastors, but especially also to God's people.... continue

Why is Heaven Forever?

Article by   June 2014
In a previous post I asked, How do you know that Christ loves you? Pastors and Christians need to do better than just assume this truth. I gave a trinitarian grounding for why Christ must love his people. But what about... continue

A New Confession?

Article by   June 2014
What do you think about writing new confessions? John Owen was a big fan of writing new confessions. Ryan Kelly has an excellent chapter on this topic in the The Ashgate Research Companion to John Owen's Theology, with conclusions that... continue

An Apologie

Article by   June 2014
Thanks to Carl (sort of) for the Introduction. But the man he speaks about is not me, I promise. I have lots of friends on Facebook, but do plan to purge some of the less trustworthy ones. I hope to... continue
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