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Bible Ignorance

Article by   October 2014
People who have an excellent understanding of the Scriptures really impress me. If there's one thing I detest, besides Manchester United, it's Bible studies or theological discussions where the Scriptures function like the crumbs in a bag of chips: you... continue

Reformed Theological Diversity (lots of it)

Article by   October 2014
While doing my MA in historical and dogmatic theology I had a very neat (i.e., narrow) understanding of the Reformed tradition. I typically thought in these categories: Reformed versus Arminian; Reformed versus Socinian; Reformed versus Roman Catholicism; etc. But as I... continue

Justification by Precision Alone?

Article by   October 2014
"For my part, I had much rather my lot should be found among them who do really believe with the heart unto righteousness, though they are not able to give a tolerable definition of faith unto others, than among them... continue

Carl Trueman: An Appreciation

Article by   October 2014
With Carl's sad anouncement that he is retiring (honourably?) from the Reformation21 blog, the responses have been flooding in, from home-school moms to top men from TGC.I give you a mere sampling.From an anonymous reader: Some lady is an avid... continue

Denny Burk Responds

Article by   October 2014
With bad news on the horizon....I am taking this opportunity to post before the storm.In the interests of showing that I am happy to receive "push-back" on articles, here is Denny Burk responding to my post, A Plea For Realism. Now,... continue

Why I Baptize Babies

Article by   October 2014
Part 2 of 2 (see part 1 on "Why I Pour" here).As a pastor, who has many baptistic families in his church (who are fine Christians, dear friends, and those I commune with at the table), there are several points... continue

Why I Pour (When Baptizing)

Article by   October 2014
Here is the first of two posts: "Why I Pour" & "Why I Baptize Babies." They are both roughly 900 words each. Should we only baptize by immersion, the full submersion of the body under water? Should we argue that baptizo... continue

An Open Letter from a Closed Pastor

Article by   October 2014
The reports of my retreat have been greatly exaggerated.Yes, I did back out of the ring after seeing 20 Baptists step in.  But, listening to Metallica (coupled with a Liverpool loss today) has put me in a punchy mood:To any... continue

Crazy Busy

Article by   October 2014
I'm terribly sorry to disappoint, but no more responses from me on this topic. I just realized that I am running out of friends: first the baptists; second the twitteristas; third the republicationists; fourth the masturbationists; fifth the ubiquitarians; sixth... continue

Michael Haykin's Response to: "A Plea For Realism"

Article by   September 2014
Professor Michael Haykin has responded to my piece on Baptists and the Lord's Supper. Dr. Haykin is a leading Baptist historian, an excellent scholar, and most importantly he is a godly Christian man with strong convictions. I praise God for... continue
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