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Guy Waters to RTS as Prof of NT

Article by   May 2007
It is my pleasure to announce that the Reverend Dr. Guy Prentiss Waters will join the faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi on June 1, 2007, as Associate Professor of New Testament. Guy is a graduate of the... continue

Derek Thomas on "Handling Truth and Error in Pastoral Ministry"

Article by   May 2007
Martin Downes interviews our own Derek Thomas. Here and here, so far.... continue

Tim Keller on Richard Bauckham's "Jesus and the Eyewitnesses"

Article by   April 2007
Tim Keller's very helpful review of Richard Bauckham's Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (Eerdmans, 2006) is now available in the April Redeemer Report and online here. Don't miss it.... continue

John Calvin as John Piper - An Easter Thought

Article by   April 2007
While making final preparations for Sunday morning's message, I met up with an old friend. A Calvin quote on the purpose of 1 Peter that I think I first read about five years ago. It struck me (reading it this afternoon)... continue

J.C. Ryle sez: "Amen, Rick!"

Article by   February 2007
"I charge my readers to remember this. Stand fast on old principles. Do not forsake the old paths. Let nothing tempt you to believe that multiplication of forms and ceremonies, constant reading of liturgical services, or frequent communions, will ever... continue

Twin Lakes Fellowship for 2007

Article by   February 2007
The seventh annual gathering of the Twin Lakes Fellowship™ is slated for April 10-12, 2007. Interest in the Fellowship continues to grow and space is limited, but we thought ref21 readers might want to know some of those who are speaking and... continue

Covenant College's New Chaplain

Article by   January 2007
Matthew Bryant (Director of Church Relations) and our friend Niel Nielson (President) of Covenant College have just announced that the Rev. Aaron Messner has accepted its offer to become College Chaplain. Aaron will officially join Covenant on June 1, 2007.  ... continue

News from the Westminster Assembly Project

Article by   January 2007
Chad Van Dixhoorn's "Westminster Assembly Project" website announced this today:January 2007 - The Westminster Assembly Project has launched the Bibliography Project. The project aims to catalogue all works pertaining to the Westminster Assembly, its history, its texts and its members.... continue

Book Notes

Article by   January 2007
WTS-CA's most recent faculty symposium is now in print, and the responses are already starting! Is anyone surprised about that?Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral MinistryEssays by the Faculty of Westminster Seminary CaliforniaR. Scott Clark Price: 24.99 The doctrine of justification and... continue

Reformation Translation Society on the Search

Article by   December 2006
Joel Beeke recently wrote to me about the following. He said: "The Dutch Reformed Translation Society is seriously contemplating translating Petrus van Mastricht's 4-volume magisteral work of systematic theology and ethics, Theologia theoretico-practica ["Theoretical and Practical Theology"]--a work that Jonathan... continue
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