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Thabiti Anyabwile does it again

Article by   January 2008
I read this to our pastoral staff this morning during our devotions. Excellent.... continue

Helm responds to Enns

Article by   January 2008
Here. (HT: JT)... continue

The Golden Compass - Snoresville

Article by   December 2007
Well, it turns out that the much-ballyhooed Golden Compass is a crashing bore. I finally got around to seeing it last night. There were three other people in the theater. Several things struck me.1. Yes, the movie's production quality was... continue

Some encouragement on the cultural engagement front

Article by   December 2007
Our friend David Robertson has managed to deliver a robust and winsome rejoinder to Richard Dawkins, and it's gotten some significant traction in Britain.Read and be encouraged. Here.... continue

D. James Kennedy Goes Home

Article by   September 2007
Dr. D. James Kennedy died peacefully in his sleep this morning at 3:30 AM (ET), Wednesday; September 5, 2007.We at the Alliance thank God for Dr. Kennedy's faithful ministry, and pray the Lord's peace and comfort for his family, as... continue

Congrats to Carl

Article by   August 2007
We extend hearty congratulations to our friend and fellow-blogger, Carl Trueman, who was just elected by the Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) faculty as the Vice President for Academic Affairs-elect, as of August 28, 2007. Carl continues his responsibilites as Academic... continue

An Important Word for us all, from the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy

Article by   August 2007
It's not every day that one has the opportunity to laud the wisdom of the leader of France, but Nicholas Sarkozy has deliverd a gem. In the course of charting out his country's foreign policy, he's managed speak some strategic... continue

Anne Rice endorses Darryl Hart!

Article by   August 2007
Who'd a thunk it?"Let me say first of all that I am devoutly committed to the separation of church and state in America. I believe that the separation of church and state has been good for all Christians in this... continue

Why Presbyterians baptize believers and their children

Article by   August 2007
Our friend and fellow-blogger, Justin Taylor, has helped (here, here, here, here, and here) draw attention to a significant debate (primarily between credo-baptists) on whether paedo-baptists can properly be admitted to membership, and thence the Lord's Table, in a Baptist Church.For the record,... continue

The Death of Robert C. "Bob" Cannada, Sr. - July 5, 2007

Article by   July 2007
After five long months of illness, the Lord has taken to himself his servant Bob Cannada. Bob is something of a legend in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and in the State of Mississippi. He is one of the... continue
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