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Wales Win!

Article by   March 2008
A grand slam of the Six Nations belongs to Wales. Read all about it. Here.Derek, lead us in a round of "Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau," won't you?... continue

Welsh World Domination

Article by   March 2008
Well, Derek Thomas and Hywel Jones must have been singing Cwm Rhondda as they listened to the Wales beat Ireland in Dublin (16-12) to win the Triple Crown and to set up for the Six Nations Grand Slam against the... continue

David F. Wright's Obituary (in The Scotsman)

Article by   February 2008
The Scotsman (an Edinburgh-based, national, daily Scottish newspaper) has now published an obituary of Professor David F. Wright, written by his longtime colleague, Duncan Forrester. You can read it here, or following.I have received emails from a number of David's... continue

The Death of David F. Wright

Article by   February 2008
My friend, Dr. David Reimer of New College has just written to tell me of the passing of one of the great evangelical Patristic and Reformation scholars of our time, David F. Wright. David was for many years Senior Lecturer... continue

Pray for Al Mohler

Article by   February 2008
This press release has just come from SBTS. Al is facing, again, major surgery, and in view of this and the potentially lengthy recuperation process, has decided not to allow his name to be placed into nomination for the presidency... continue

Matthew Henry on Repentance

Article by   February 2008
"Though we must not repent that we have repented, yet we must repent that we have not repented better." (commenting on Numbers 29:11)... continue

So what's up with Urbana and Roman Catholicism?

Article by   January 2008
Here. And here. And here.... continue

Congratulations to Mark Dever

Article by   January 2008
Mark Dever's The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, has been nominated in the Apologetics and Evangelism category for the Christianity Today Book Awards for 2008. Mark has previously received a 2007 CT Award of Merit. Visit to view excerpts, or to browse... continue

Calvin on the humility of Christ made manifest in his willing humiliation, even unto the death of the cross

Article by   January 2008
"It is assuredly such an example of humility as ought to absorb the attention of all men; it is impossible to explain it in words suitable to its greatness."... continue
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