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Trouble in Megachurch Paradise

Article by   September 2008
John Seel brought my attention to this article in today's USA Today. Here are a couple of quotes. "You can create a church that's big, but is still not transforming people. Without transformation, the Christian message is not advanced." --... continue

R.T. Kendall agrees with Carl

Article by   September 2008
Regarding Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival, even before the immorality hit the news, R.T. Kendall (who endorsed and endorses the Toronto Blessing) had already emphatically declared that the Lakeland revival "isn't of God." Why is he so sure? Here's what... continue

Rick Phillips, on Cultural Relevance, Mercy Ministry and the Social Gospel

Article by   August 2008
Rick Phillips was recently interviewed on Christ the Center. The subject was "Cultural Relevance, Mercy Ministry and the Social Gospel." Here.... continue

When "narrative" becomes an excuse

Article by   August 2008
Would-be theologians who use appeals to "narrative" (and its function in the theology of the writers of Scripture) as a means of undermining the enduring normative authority of Scripture will find themselves under the searching judgment of the normative authority of... continue

Derek Thomas, on the Pastor and the Academy

Article by   August 2008
The lads over at Christ the Center have just loaded an interview with our own Derek Thomas. Have a listen. Here.... continue

C.J. on Art Monk, on all of us

Article by   August 2008
Says C.J. (in his fine column on Art Monk's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame): "too many pro athletes who profess Christ appear theologically ignorant, have little or no involvement in the local church, and have no pastoral... continue

Pinch-hitting for Babe Ruth

Article by   July 2008
Well, my Lord's Day afforded an opportunity for growth - in humility. I had the privilege of preaching at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, where Sinclair Ferguson is the Minister. Sinclair was in town (but leaving for Scotland today for... continue

An irenic, informed, rejoinder to Andy McGowan's Proposal on Scripture

Article by   July 2008
Rowland Ward weighs in. Here.... continue

Denny Burk to Boyce College, as new Dean

Article by   July 2008
This good news out of Louisville today. Here's the full story. Denny is an outstanding young scholar (and, among many other things, edits the JBMW for CBMW). He blogs here.     The Towers Online (SBTS' news service) reports: Criswell... continue

John Piper on Hard Truth, Evangelism and Discipleship

Article by   June 2008
". . . softening hard truth for evangelism in public undermines truth for the waffling believer in private. I think in general this is what cultural adapters fail to realize: making the truth more palatable for unbelievers to help them... continue
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