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Paglia on Sotomayor's "wise Latina" comment, and feminism

Article by   June 2009
After indicating her support for the nomination, commenting on Sotomayor's outstanding academic credentials and predicting that she is a "shoo-in" for the Supreme Court, Paglia makes this passing comment about her famous "wise latina" bloviation: "But Sotomayor's vainglorious lecture bromide... continue

Issues at Erskine

Article by   June 2009
A group of evangelical students at Erskine has recently launched a website to bring the attention of the proper church authorities to some important institutional issues there. Given Carl's very legitimate concerns about websites, blogs and online semi-ecclesiastical petitions, I... continue

PCRT Philly starts Friday

Article by   April 2009
Hope to see you there, along with Al, Rick, Steve and Phil. And, btw, registration for T4G opens on May 1.... continue

Pray for Thabiti's Faithful Witness to the Lord Jesus

Article by   March 2009
As I write, Thabiti is debating a Muslim on the subject "Who Is God and How Are We Saved?" The Muslim representative chose the topic! God is sovereign and gracious, isn't he? I won't disclose the location for obvious reasons.... continue

The Sovereignty of God and US Airways 1549

Article by   February 2009
You may be encouraged by this CMDA interview with Andrew Jamison, who was on US Airways flight 1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River in NY last month, and his wife Jennifer. They give a strong Christian witness. Andrew and Jennifer are both... continue

Grove City College

Article by   February 2009
I had the privilege and joy of preaching and lecturing at Grove City College on Monday and Tuesday. More about that later. One of the joys of this was being about to renew fellowship with old friends, including Dr. T.... continue

Join Derek Thomas for a Webcast on "Blogging the Institutes" - Today at 1:00pm EST

Article by   January 2009
Call in for Derek Thomas' webcast on Calvin, the Institutes and the ref21 "Blogging the Institutes" plan. You're invited to join the conversation. Simply call today  to 1.888.660.9535 (between 1-2:00pm EST). More information: here.... continue

Guy Richard on "The Supremacy of God in the Theology of Samuel Rutherford"

Article by   December 2008
I am finally holding in my own hands Guy Richard's The Supremacy of God in the Theology of Samuel Rutherford (Paternoster). David Fergusson (sic), of New College, Edinburgh calls it "a landmark in Rutherford scholarship." In it, Guy (a dear... continue

More on the Pope and Justification

Article by   December 2008
Well, how did I miss that? Scott Clark already had an excellent post on the subject. Here. At any rate, astute ref21 readers will have already correctly put their finger on the Pope's crucial ambiguity. What does he mean when... continue

The Pope on Justification by Faith and Love

Article by   December 2008
Well, Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) preached an interesting sermon back in November, on Paul and justification. I've had a number of inquiries about it. Here's an English translation. Carl, I'd love to hear your assessment. In one portion, he... continue
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