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Allergic to Argument

Article by   January 2012
Stephen Prothero, world religion prof at Boston University, not an evangelical Christian, offers an interesting observation on our generation's reluctance to engage in serious, but respectful disagreement about religion. Having said that he works hard to foster "respectful arguments" in his... continue

Words of Tribute to a Friend

Article by   May 2011
Some readers of ref21 may know that Derek Thomas, the Editorial Director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, who also serves at the John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson and Minister... continue

Bavinck vs. Nevin

Article by   March 2011
"In a comparatively sound church life, it is possible to assume that as a rule the children of the covenant will be born again in their youth and come to faith and conversion 'in stages and gracefully.' But when the... continue

Speaking Seriously and Sensitively about Hell to the Sons of this Age and the Next

Article by   March 2011
What is the preacher to do with hell and eternal punishment? In our day and age these truths strike some as comical and others as cruel. To some, hell is a joke. It's about little devils in red tights (so... continue

Remembering Two Missionary Martyrs

Article by   December 2010
I just got an email from my friend Chip Stam, who teaches at Southern Seminary. He says: "December 8 is the day on which Roman Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Immanculate Conception (the notion that Mary was born without... continue

Arminians Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief: Barna says there is no Reformed Resurgence

Article by   November 2010
George Barna (he of "there's no future for the local church" fame) has just released his latest survey results pertaining to the much ballyhooed Reformed Awakening, and he calms the faithful by assuring them that there is not in fact... continue

Rejoicing with Phil Ryken, Wheaton College's Eighth President

Article by   September 2010
It was a joy to represent the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and my own congregation, the First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi (PCA) at the Inaugural Festivities at Wheaton College. There's a brief description here. As most of the folks... continue

J.C. Ryle on Success, Humility and Ministry

Article by   April 2010
J.C. Ryle, meditating on Luke 10:17-24: "We learn, from this passage, how ready Christians are to be puffed up with success. It is written, that the seventy returned from their first mission with joy, "saying, Lord, even the devils are... continue

Praise for T.H.L. Parker's "Portrait of Calvin" and a few little caveats

Article by   July 2009
Recently, I tweeted my appreciation for T.H.L. Parker's Portrait of Calvin. I have had the little book since the days of my doctoral studies in Britain (my copy is a little hardback, published by SCM and bought second-hand - it... continue

PRTS - Joel Beeke - Calvin for the 21st Century

Article by   June 2009
This year the reformed world has seen a number of books and conferences related to the life and work of John Calvin.  For instance, Derek and I will be participating in the "Calvin 500" in Geneva next week.  Of course, many... continue
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