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Preaching Big Books

Article by   November 2006
My friend and colleague Bob Brady just pointed me to this post by our mutual friend Tom Ascol. It points back to this good article at ref21 by our intrepid editor. Edifying stuff. Read and learn and be encouraged.... continue

The Worldliness of the Evangelical Churches: A Kairos News Report

Article by   October 2006
The good folks over at Kairos have recently drawn attention to an important study by Boston University sociologist Alan Wolfe, reported in his book The Transformation of American Religion. By the way, those of you who are pastors, teachers and... continue

A Rejoinder to Consumerism's effect upon Evangelicalism

Article by   October 2006
The word of God is not for sale; and therefore it has no need of shrewd salesman. The word of God is not seeking patrons; therefore it refuses price cutting and bargaining; therefore it has no need of middlemen. The... continue

Thinking Christianly about Death

Article by   October 2006
"All men must die; but as men’s lives are very different, so their account in death also. To an ungodly man death is a loss, the greatest loss: but to a believer it is gain, the greatest gain." (Thomas Boston)... continue

Peggy Noonan Amazes Me

Article by   October 2006
Boy she's good. Here's her take on Bob Woodward's State of Denial.... continue

Global South Anglicans move forward on a new structure within the Anglican Communion

Article by   September 2006
Here is a report from Kigali, Rwanda, regarding the latest moves by conservative evangelical Anglicans to shore up a structure for fidelity within the worldwide Anglican communion. Here is how it was reported in the Times (London).... continue

Not getting it (John Allen on Desmond Tutu)

Article by   September 2006
Desmond Tutu's former press secretary has just published a biography of this well known anti-apartheid warrior. Among other things, Allen indicates Tutu's chagrin at the Anglican communion's failure to embrace homosexual priests (Tutu wrote the former Archbishop of Canterbury and... continue

Piper on the Pope and Islam

Article by   September 2006
Well, it's not the first time a lot of dust got kicked up in Regensburg (church history anyone?), but the Pope has surely done it this time. John Piper offers these helpful remarks and suggestions.... continue

An Online Resource for Puritan Studies

Article by   September 2006
Tony Reinke’s “The Puritan Study” series over at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook is an excellent help for pastors wanting to incorporate Puritan literature into their devotional diet and ministry preparation.... continue

Visit Ligonier this Labor Day

Article by   September 2006
Happy Labor Day, to our US readers (though I see that Justin Taylor and Ed Veith are attempting a theological hijacking of "Vocation Day" - go for it guys!). While you have some time on your hands today, take a gander at... continue
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