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Article by   March 2018
De-conversion is the reverse of conver­sion. While some creep away from the faith like a gliding glacier, the de-converted are glaciers calving off, crashing into the sea with devastating effect. Read on with holy fear. Paraphras­ing Dr. Michael Kruger,... continue

July 4th

Article by   July 2013
It's the Fourth of July and I applaud the greatest country on earth; I honor my Scots-Irish forebears that under waves of persecution in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries went in waves over the ocean to plant Presbyterian churches... continue

The Sound of Silence

Article by   March 2011
Just yesterday someone told me of a sincere and well-meaning Christian family who forbid their children from reading Harry Potter books and who buy them Rob Bell's Nooma Videos to watch instead. What is particularly galling about that is that... continue

On the Morning of Christ's Nativity

Article by   December 2010
I'm going to ignore the irreverent reference to my 'blond' period below - though I was sure I had destroyed all those old videos...! On re-vewing them I notice they haven't aged well. On another subject altogether, it's easy to... continue

Bishop causes outrage...

Article by   November 2010
So runs today's headline in the London Times following a statement by an evangelical bishop in the Church of England. Bishop Wallace Benn, the Bishop of Lewes, told the Reform conference of conservative Anglicans: "I'm about to use an analogy... continue

The Main Thing is still the Main Thing!

Article by   October 2010
On the eve of another Reformation Sunday we find ourselves still fighting for that principle which Calvin called the "main hinge on which religion turns" and which Luther called the mark of a standing or falling church, namely the doctrine... continue

The New (Scientist's) Morality

Article by   October 2010
A friend in London (Steve Clark) has alerted me to this week's New Scientist which is running a feature with a series of articles about morality, interviewing various 'luminaries' about its roots and developments (neuroscientists, philosophers, social anthropologists and the... continue

Anglo-Catholic Dunkirk

Article by   October 2010
The Pope's recent visit, and the momentum towards appointing women bishops, seems to have nerved the faithful for action as three Bishops serve notice to Canterbury en route to ... Ruth Gledhill writes: At least three serving Church of England... continue

John Knox at Prayer

Article by   October 2010
What John Knox did for Scotland is incalculable. By his fortitude, his integrity, and his passion for the gospel he forged a nation that loved the Bible, loved liberty, and influenced the world. For centuries after it was with pride... continue

Up from the PIt

Article by   October 2010
'A Planet inspired...' so ran one of the headlines in a British newspaper today as  the world it seems caught up in the joy of families reunited after the long ordeeal of the men traapped in the Chilean mine. 'We... continue
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