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6 Ways To Develop an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church

Article by   December 2014
We all desire non-Christians (i.e., pagans) to come to saving faith in Christ. Sometimes, however, our lament is that we are not seeing this occur in our churches as frequently as we would like. Here are 6 ways to help... continue

#FergusonDecision: 3 Don'ts of Ethnic/Cultural Dialogue

Article by   November 2014
Various social media websites and the news outlets are still ablaze after the #FergusonDecision. While I am concerned about how the world is reacting, both positively and negatively, I am also concerned about how the Church is responding. As I... continue

#FergusonDecision and the Lord's Supper: A Plea to African-Americans

Article by   November 2014
According to some sources, Officer Darren Wilson could have been indicted with one of several crimes (e.g., first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or others) for killing an unarmed African-American young man. Many around the world were quite... continue

A Tired Church or Tired Christians?

Article by   November 2014
Which ministry-related programs are available at your church? Generally, whether reformed or not, many churches have Sunday school, a men's and women's group, perhaps a mid-week Bible study or small group, VBS during the summer, nursery, youth group, music ministry,... continue

Veteran's Day: Extending Hospitality and Sharing the Gospel with Military Personnel

Article by   November 2014
The military is a place for both young and old to find their way in life. As a navy instructor in San Diego, CA, between 2005-2008, I saw numerous recruits--who recently graduated from boot camp--and long-time veterans, who were desirous... continue

Pornography: Why Internet Accountability Software Doesn't Work

Article by   November 2014
I recently heard one man say, "If you don't have accountability software on every internet-accessible device, you're a fool." His comment was in the context of how pornography, particularly one's usage of it, is ravaging the church. Men and women,... continue

Church Planting 101: A Mistake to Avoid

Article by   November 2014
Some people are hesitant to participate in a church plant because of the amount of work it takes. Sometimes you have to arrive earlier to church than you normally would, in an established church, to ensure things are in order.... continue

Our Church Plant Welcome Video

Article by   October 2014
After 8 months of attempting to plant a church in Richmond, Virginia, by God's grace, we had our first service on October 26, 2014. Crown and Joy Presbyterian Church meets each Sunday at 2pm.Here is our welcome video.... continue

Is Jesus on Every Page (in the Old Testament)?

Article by   October 2014
Is Jesus on every page in the Old Testament? According to the title of a recent book, he may be. Is Christ in every sentence (e.g., "tear out the fangs of the young lions, O Lord!" Ps. 58:6b)? Should we... continue

PCA Church Planting Fundraising Helps

Article by   October 2014
Although there are some denominations that fully or partially fund their church planters, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is not one of them. Therefore, if the local church, or presbytery, calls you to plant a congregation, you must raise... continue
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