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Happy 300th Birthday George Whitefield!

Article by   December 2014
George Whitefield, the great Anglican Evangelical evangelist of the 18th century, was born on 16th December 1714 (Old Style -- which means we can celebrate again in 11 days time too). So buy a cake, get 300 candles and a... continue

The Jones-Levy love-in

Article by   December 2014
We must all be very grateful to Paul Levy for his masterful exposition of Mark Jones's blurb on the KJV Study Bible.But it is somewhat disappointing that we have not yet had an exposition of Mr Levy's house from aforementioned... continue

Athenian Adventure

Article by   November 2014
About 5 years ago I was blessed to attend the European Leadership Forum (to speak on various things, including Calvin on Union with Christ). Amongst others, I met there some leading Greek evangelicals, Giotis Kantartzis and Argyris Petrou. A year... continue

Toplady on the Unerring Word

Article by   November 2014
There is great debate in parts of the Evangelical world at present over biblical authority, and especially over biblical inerrancy. This was, of course, a matter of controversy several decades ago in the so-called "Battle for the Bible."  One might... continue

An Anglican amongst serious Baptists

Article by   October 2014
This week I've been enjoying the warm and friendly hospitality of THE Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. It's the biggest seminary in the world ever, with thousands of students. And it's well known that some of my best... continue

Pick on someone your own size

Article by   October 2014
In response to a mortifying podcast on patriarchal abuse, from certain former Ref21 bloggers, let me just say a word or two about the very stupid idea that husbands can beat their wives.I knew someone once who told me (quite... continue

Replacing a Teetotaller

Article by   October 2014
What's this? Carl's gone but there's a new guy on Ref21? He sounds familiar... from somewhere.Yes, I'm British. English actually. Which apparently makes me sound about 20% more intelligent than I really am, to some Americans. I should move there... continue
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