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John Owen was not a Presbyterian

Article by   February 2015
In the last month or two on Reformation21, I think it's safe to say I have decisively proven once and for all that:1. John Wesley was an Arminian.2. John Owen was a Paedobaptist.I have been challenged to prove other self-evident... continue

John Owen: still not a Baptist

Article by   January 2015
Well, if I thought it was bad when I exposed a few less-well-known things about John Wesley, that's nothing compared to what happens when you touch the sacred shibboleths of Owenian Baptists!There was a bit of a social media frenzy... continue

John Owen was never a Baptist

Article by   January 2015
I remember once telling a friend at church that I was going to go do a PhD on John Owen. They replied, "Oh yes, I know him. He's that great Baptist theologian." Somewhat startled, I thought I'd since made this point... continue

Follow the Blood

Article by   January 2015
Do you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel?  Two young children are taken out into the forest one day and then abandoned by their father, who can't afford to look after them anymore. (Perhaps it was during the credit... continue

Longing for importance?

Article by   January 2015
Jesus told spiritual climbers James and John that they would have to drink the cup that he was about to drink (Mark 10:39). He refers to his death, and the way of suffering and service. They will achieve great glory... continue

The shame of the cross

Article by   January 2015
The Apostle Paul talks about not being ashamed of the gospel (Romans 1:16). He also encourages his co-worker Timothy not to be ashamed of Jesus or of Paul himself, when he is in prison (2 Timothy 1:8). I've often wondered... continue

Toplady and Arminians. Or "You should pray, and get out more."

Article by   January 2015
Augustus Toplady once said that "it is not necessary to be timid in order to be meek." And I guess that must be right, glancing at the inspired examples in Galatians 5:12 or Matthew 23:1-33. It needs to be seen... continue

Wesley and the death of Toplady

Article by   January 2015
In my former forays into the dangerous territory of saying anything negative about the great and famous John Wesley, I foolishly mentioned his unusually positive views of the arch-heretic Pelagius ("Who was Pelagius? By all I can pick up from... continue

More work for the Wesleyans

Article by   December 2014
I must thank Professor McCall for his full and hearty (c.2000 word) response to what he (presumably ironically) calls my "essay" (a 500 word blogpost) on Wesley and Pelagius. Mark Jones has urged me to be brief, so even though... continue

Wesley and Pelagius

Article by   December 2014
For century after century, one man has been the bogeyman of Western theology. He's the bad guy. The one nobody wants to be like. Yes, you guessed it: that old Welsh heretic, Pelagius. For centuries the malign influence of his... continue
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