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John Owen was an Anglican

Article by   January 2016
Having previously proved without any shadow of a doubt that the great John Owen was not a Baptist, no, definitely not a Baptist, and certainly not a Presbyterian, it is important that we now go one step further. In this... continue

The Face behind Article 17

Article by   August 2015
I think there is a good case that Peter Martyr Vermigli is the brains behind Article 17 of the Thirty-nine Articles. He was the highly respected and trusted Regis Professor of Divinity at Oxford (1548-1554), and actually wrote a tract... continue

Reprobation Clarification

Article by   August 2015
There has been some interesting discussion in various places generated by my previous posts on reprobation. That's good. It's hard to talk about, but important to do so. Rather than repeat myself ad nauseum in those discussions, it's probably useful... continue

The pastoral use of reprobation

Article by   August 2015
If I may be permitted one final thought (for now) on this difficult doctrine of reprobation, it is vital that we do not treat it lightly but use it well. All scripture and doctrine is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting,... continue

I agree with Wesley on reprobation

Article by   August 2015
In one of my former posts on the darker side of predestination, I quoted the great Anglican scholar J.B. Mozley. He said, "There is no real distinction between abandoning men to a certain state, of which punishment will be the... continue

Reprobate Anglicans

Article by   August 2015
Continuing to ponder the idea that God appointed some to everlasting life and others to a different fate. Is this really a genuinely Anglican idea, as my previous posts about the dark side of predestination and the way not to... continue

How not to apply reprobation

Article by   July 2015
In my former article on The darker side of predestination, I spoke about how Article 17 of The Thirty-nine Articles is not entirely limited to talking about the positive aspects of that doctrine. It does indeed mention "the sentence of... continue

The darker side of predestination

Article by   July 2015
I was interested to see that TGC have launched in Australia. I hope and pray it will be a great support and encouragement to gospel-minded people down under.On their shiney new website, there is an article posted two days ago on the great... continue

Wesley and Catholics Together

Article by   March 2015
Oh yes, I almost forgot. Those quotes which I gave last week - I should mention the sources, for I am certain that no-one has guessed their origins. The first three were from Vatican II. The last three from the... continue

Stirring words from surprising sources?

Article by   February 2015
With respect to my colleague, Mr Walker and his recent provocative post... Preparing to lecture recently, I came across these stirring words in some surprising places:1. Christ is present in his word, since it is he himself who speaks when the holy... continue
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