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Packer Interview, Post-GAFCON

Article by   July 2008
J. I. Packer was interviewed at All Souls regarding GAFCON. You can read the entire transcript here.Asked to summarize his counsel to them, Packer--who has frequently reminded us that he's Packer by name, packer by nature--said, "Keep the faith, resist... continue

9Marks on Marriage

Article by   June 2008
The latest edition of the 9Marks journal is on marriage and the church. Note especially the marriage comparison chart with mini-reviews of a number of books.... continue

Leadership Interview Series

Article by   June 2008
C.J. Mahaney, Jeff Purswell, and Joshua Harris discuss "The Pastor and His Soul" in their latest Leadership Interview Series: "Pastors are obviously called to care for the souls of others, but how does a pastor make sure that he is... continue

Joint Heirs with Christ

Article by   June 2008
Joel Beeke's new book is out from Reformation Heritage Books: Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption. It's a short, hardcover book, and the first substantive study on what the Puritans really believed about spiritual adoption.Here are a couple of... continue

Remember Those Who Spoke the Word of God to You

Article by   June 2008
Tony Reinke recently snapped some nice photos of Machen's grave.... continue

Transracial Adoption and the Gospel

Article by   May 2008
Russell Moore has a superb blog post at Touchstone's "Mere Comments" responding to the new report discouraging transracial adoption. It's a must-read.... continue

New Attitude

Article by   May 2008
The messages (with summaries) from the recent New Attitude conference are now available online. You can hear Josh Harris and Eric Simmons talk about the Word; John Piper talk about fighting for joy and the life of Tyndale; Al Mohler... continue

Fundamentalism and Separatism

Article by   May 2008
Mark Dever interviews Pastor and Bob Jones University professor Mark Minnick regarding the Fundamentalist doctrine of separation.... continue

The Shack

Article by   May 2008
Tim Challies offers an in-depth review of the self-published bestselling book, The Shack. Tim's  17-page review is nicely formatted, ideal for sharing with those who might be influenced by or curious about the book, which has become something of a... continue

Why Auto Spell Check Is Not Always the Best Idea

Article by   May 2008
Just ask the folks at Calvin Theological Journal who recently reviewed a book by our friend Jelly Kapic!... continue
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