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Audio Links of Interest

Article by   September 2008
Scott Clark has posted a link to Ligon's three lectures on covenant theology at Westminster Seminary California (the den Dulk lectures).Nicholas Batzig has been posting links to online sermons by Eric Alexander (here and here).J. I. Packer is interviewed about... continue

The Gospel Coalition Videos

Article by   August 2008
Andy Naselli  has posted a number of new videos from The Gospel Coalition, featuring interviews with Don Carson, Mark Dever, Tim Keller, Phil Ryken, and CJ Mahaney.... continue

9Marks on Family and Parenting

Article by   August 2008
The latest 9Marks edition is up (also available in PDF).  Here's the table of contents: FAMILY & PARENTINGWanted: Kingdom Families Embedded Portraits: A Theological Vision for Families Part 1: Why Families Matter to God Part 2: How Families Minister to... continue

Keeping Holiday

Article by   August 2008
I recently read Starr Meade's latest book, Keeping Holiday--which teaches biblical truth and God-centered theology through an excellent story:"I love it. In reading Keeping Holiday, I was reminded of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.... continue

Formal Statements by the WTS Administration on Recent Events

Article by   August 2008
From Westminster Theological Seminary president Peter Lillback: As President, I am aware of some concern in our constituency for more clarity on the significance of recent events at Westminster. While the theological direction of Westminster Theological Seminary is ultimately under... continue

Enns Out at WTS

Article by   July 2008
Peter Enns and Westminster Theological Seminary have issued a joint statement:The administration and Prof. Peter Enns wish to announce that they have arrived at mutually agreeable terms, and that, as of 31 July, 2008, Prof. Enns will discontinue his service... continue

Happy Birthday, John Calvin

Article by   July 2008
John Piper sends his regards.... continue

The Gospel Coalition's New Website

Article by   July 2008
Andy Naselli writes:It's finally up and running: Here are a few features to check out: Resources: This links to audio, visual, and written resources by TGC council members. For example, check out the resources for D. A. Carson and... continue

Minority Report

Article by   July 2008
Andy Naselli has done a nice job of pulling together some good quotes from Carl's Minority Report.... continue

David Wells: The Church in the Matrix

Article by   July 2008
Tullian Tchividjian passed along some info about the new documentary being developed around David Wells's book, The Courage to Be Protestant. The project is called The Church in the Matrix:The American Evangelical church met the culture....and the culture won. In... continue
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