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Hodge vs. Nevin on the Lord's Supper

Article by   August 2009
Keith Mathison of Ligonier has put together a blog post linking to the primary documents in the debate between Charles Hodge and John Williamson Nevin on the Lord's Supper, resulting from Nevin's 1846 book, The Mystical Presence.... continue

What Baptists Can Learn From Calvin

Article by   August 2009
Timothy George, writing at Christian History, writes: "2009 is a good time to look again at Calvin's theology and its relationship to the Baptist movement. Here are five theological principles Baptists can learn from Calvin."(No, paedobaptism isn't one of them!)... continue

Comparing BibleWorks, Logos, and Accordance

Article by   August 2009
Keith Mathison of Ligonier offers a helpful comparative review of these Bible software programs.... continue

The Gospel and the Idol of Busyness

Article by   August 2009
One of the things I'm learning is that busyness--doing good things--can itself become an idol, and that it's easy to have false guilt about all the good things I'm not doing. That's why I appreciated Kevin DeYoung's post today. Read... continue


Article by   July 2009
The latest issue of Themelios is now online. In addition to a number of reviews there are lots of pieces worth reading: Carson on polemical theology, Trueman on advice for those thinking about a PhD, essays on Luther and baptismal... continue

Hypocrisy as the Unpardonable Sin

Article by   June 2009
Joe Carter, at the First Thoughts Blog, has a thoughtful post on the difference between hypocrisy and moral inconsistency.(Be forewarned, Carl, that the link contains criticism of Rachel Maddow, which I know will cause you to be disappointed, hurt, saddened,... continue

New Edition of Christianity and Liberalism

Article by   June 2009
I'm very glad to see that Eerdmans is publishing a new edition of Machen's classic, Christianity and Liberalism. Carl has written a new foreword for the volume, which you can read online at WTS Books.... continue

Calvin and the Anabaptists, the Neo-Reformed and the Neo-Anabaptists

Article by   June 2009
Kevin DeYoung, building on Willem Balke's work in Calvin and the Anabaptist Radicals, looks at some of the parallels between Calvin and some of his heirs (the so-called Neo-Reformed) and the Emergent-friendly Anabaptists of today. He also offers some suggestions... continue

Flavel's Prayer on the Great Exchange

Article by   April 2009
John Flavel:Lord, the condemnation was yours,that the justification might be mine.The agony was yours,that the victory might be mine.The pain was yours,and the ease mine.The stripes were yours,and the healing balm issuing from them mine.The vinegar and gall were yours,that... continue

Interview with Ligon Duncan

Article by   April 2009
Here's the first part of a new interview with Ligon--talking about what the New Calvinists can learn from the Old Calvinists (and vice-versa), as well as good, practical, pastoral advice on leading people in the Word. Excellent job, Lig.Part 2... continue
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