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Principle vs. Practice

Article by   September 2006
Phil, thanks for that helpful, clarifying distinction with regard to multiracial churches. Well said.... continue

Tony "the Gent"

Article by   September 2006
It looks like Tony "the Gent" is now cropping up in other places in the blogosphere, and people are asking questions.... continue

Race and Grace

Article by   September 2006
It seems like I’ve been in discussions about race and diversity my whole life. It’s only in recent years, though, that I’ve been actively engaged with discussions about race in the church. The discussions, I believe, are important—and they are... continue

Race and Barriers

Article by   September 2006
The current blog theme—citing the words of Ronald Kalifungwa—is that “we must examine the patterns within our churches that erect barries to other races and endeavour to remove those barriers with the help of God.” The editor then asks what... continue

Low Wages

Article by   September 2006
If you have not yet bought a copy of Carl's excellent book, The Wages of Spin, I've found a place where you can get it at a reasonable price.... continue

Where Will Carl Be?

Article by   August 2006
A detailed itinerary of Carl Trueman's upcoming travels has been posted online--for those who are interested.... continue

CT Cover Story

Article by   August 2006
Christianity Today has an interesting cover story in the latest issue, which is being shipped this week. The title is: "Young Restless, and Reformed: Calvinism is making a comeback--and shaking up the church."Written by Collin Hansen, it's an excellent piece... continue

Leon Morris (1914-2006)

Article by   July 2006
New Testament scholar Leon Morris died on Monday afternoon in Melbourne after hip surgery, aged 92. His funeral will be at Holy Trinity Doncaster, Melbourne, on July 31 at 10.30 am.The following is from his Wikipedia entry:"Leon Morris (1914—2006) was... continue

The Nihilism of Soccer

Article by   June 2006
This blog has gone far too long without some Trueman outrage. Therefore, to waken the slumbering Englishman I'm (a) posting a link to the Weekly Standard, and (b) specifcally, linking to an article about the Nihilism of Soccer: "Soccer is... continue
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