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New Year Reflection

Article by   January 2007
Thabiti Anyabwile: "My New Year's reflection: I want to be like Lig' Duncan when I grow up." Find out why!... continue

The Mormon Question

Article by   December 2006
If any of you guys are up for it, I'd be interested in your take on voting for a Mormon for president. Here's how Jacob Weisburg makes his case in Slate:I wouldn't vote for someone who truly believed in the... continue

Why Are (Some) Reformed People Such Jerks?

Article by   December 2006
Scott Clark asks (and answers) the question, Why Are (Some) Reformed People Such Jerks?... continue

New Issue Online

Article by   December 2006
Some readers of this blog may only check the blog page at Ref21, so it's worth pointing out that a new edition of the e-zine is now online at the main site. It features a number of articles about... continue

9Marks Newsletter on Friendship

Article by   December 2006
The new 9Marks newsletter--focusing on friendship, fellowship, and hospitality, is now online at the 9Marks website (also available as a PDF).... continue

Pray for Al Mohler

Article by   December 2006
From Al Mohler's blog:Dr. Albert Mohler is recovering at Louisville's Baptist East hospital following abdominal surgery. Dr. Mohler was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after experiencing abdominal pain. During a three-hour procedure, surgeons removed scar tissue from a 1980s... continue

Helm's Deep

Article by   December 2006
Paul Helm now has a blog (Helm's Deep: Philosophical Theology), upon which he has been posting a number of his recent papers. He has posted Warfield on Divine Passion and Anthropomorphism Protestant Style. Forthcoming are "The Calvinist Concept of God,"... continue

Mount Hood, Frank James, and Prayer

Article by   December 2006
Fox News: "A body found in a snow cave on Oregon's Mount Hood has been identified as that of climber Kelly James, a person close to the family said Monday." Kelly James is the brother of Frank James III, president... continue

The Elephant of Kettering

Article by   December 2006
Here's a blog dedicated to the life and thought of Andrew Fuller: "This blog serves to increase people's knowledge of one of the greatest Baptist theologians of all time. Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was an able pastor, theologian, missionary statesman, and... continue

What a Good Pastor Is to Do

Article by   December 2006
Thabiti Anyabwile has been doing a helpful series on:What a Good Pastor Is To Do – Part 1What A Good Pastor Is To Do – Part 2What A Good Pastor Is To Do – Part 3What A Good Pastor Is... continue
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