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Literary Study Bible

Article by   April 2007
The ESV blog posts about Crossway's forthcoming Literary Study Bible, edited by Leland Ryken and Philip Ryken.... continue

I Heard God's Voice

Article by   April 2007
Some of you may have seen an article in CT by an anonymous theology professor who writes about hearing the voice of God. CT Online has now published John Piper's response.... continue

Helm on Definitions

Article by   April 2007
Paul Helm has posted an excellent little piece on what definitions do and don't do.A few quotes:"Berkhof’s definition is not an attempt to replace the language of the Psalms or of any other language, or to be cleverer than Scripture.... continue

Together for the Gospel and on the Radio

Article by   March 2007
A couple of recent Albert Mohler radio programs: The Challenge of the New Perspective to Biblical Justification Guests: John Piper and Ligon Duncan The Centrality of the Church in the Christian Life Guests: Mark Dever and C. J. Mahaney... continue


Article by   March 2007
A heads up here on a couple of events: (1) Al Mohler is scheduled to be an ABC World News tonight discussing his controversial blog post on homosexuality; (2) Alister McGrath and Richard Dawkins will debate the God Delusion tonight... continue

Herman Ridderbos (1909-2007)

Article by   March 2007
Rev. Dr. Herman Ridderbos, the influential NT scholar and biblical theologian, recently died. Details about both his life and his death have been difficult to locate, but here's the basic information about the work and influence of this faithful servant... continue

Dr. Bill Piper

Article by   March 2007
John Piper has posted a very moving journal entry from the other night, recounting the death of his father. I encourage everyone to read it.He has also posted an obituary of his dad.... continue

9Marks Newsletter on Eldership

Article by   March 2007
A new edition of the 9 Marks Newsletter is now online [also available in PDF]. Here's an introduction from editor Jonathan Leeman:... continue

In Praise of Cricket

Article by   March 2007
Here's one Wall Street Journal op-ed piece that Carl may agree with.... continue

Pierced for Our Transgressions

Article by   February 2007
IVP-UK is set to publish a landmark work: Pierced for Our Transgressions: Rediscovering the Glory of Penal Substitution. (Clicking on the link will take you to a website for the book. You can also order it from is due... continue
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