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Rick Phillips Interview

Article by   August 2007
Ligonier recently interviewed Rick about his his new book, Jesus the Evangelist.... continue

9Marks Newsletter on Race

Article by   August 2007
The latest 9Marks newsletter (webpage, PDF) is now online.Hats off to editor Jonathan Leeman for another job well done.... continue

Bray and Helm

Article by   August 2007
Michael Bird announces that Highland Theological College in Scotland has acquired the talents of Gerald Bray and Paul Helm to serve as part-time lecturers in theology. Both will teach in the Master of Reformed Theology course and supervise PhD candidates.... continue

Know Your Roots: Evangelicalism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Article by   August 2007
D. A. Carson, in Basics for Believers: An Exposition of Philippians (p. 58), writes:Several years ago I was asked to interview Dr. Carl F. H. Henry and Dr. Kenneth S. Kantzer for a videotaping. These two American theologians have been... continue

Reformed Expository Commentary Series

Article by   August 2007
Tim Challies interviews Rick Phillips regarding the Reformed Expository Commentary Series. Great interview, Rick!... continue

Agreements on Baptism

Article by   August 2007
Lig, thanks for the link and for the shorter explanation (following Calvin's brevity and clarity model!).In the helpful book, Believer's Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant, ed. Schreiner and Wright, I found a helpful footnote in Mark Dever's chapter that... continue

Gospel Coalition

Article by   June 2007
The Gospel Coalition website is now up and running. It looks sharp, with lots of edifying audio, video, and print materials.... continue

Where'd All These Calvinists Come From?

Article by   June 2007
Mark Dever offers some thoughts--the first in a 10-part series on the Church Matters blog.... continue

9Marks Newsletter on the Gospel

Article by   June 2007
Our friends at 9Marks have produced another must-read newsletter. You can access it at the 9Marks webpage, or download a PDF version.... continue
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