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Ligon in Cape Town

Article by   October 2010
For those on Twitter, Lig has been posting quotes from the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.Go here: continue

On Specialization

Article by   September 2010
I appreciated Carl's call for generalists in the church.Made me think of Matt Might's "Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D": continue

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Article by   August 2010
Carl, thanks for the thoughtful post. As usual, there's always food for thought--and I always want just a bit more nuance here or there!What do you think about how this all relates to a plurality of elders? It seems clear... continue

On Avoiding Public Self-Humiliation

Article by   August 2010
Is it just me, or has there been an outbreak this past week of embarrassing examples of Christians dialoging badly with one another in the public square?Off the top of my head:R. Scott Clark's blog response to Clark Pinnock's death... continue

The Trueman Show

Article by   August 2010
Mike Ovey of Oak Hill has a video good interview with Carl Trueman. From their website: Part 1: The doctrine of scripture - Mike and Carl discuss scripture, starting with the question: "Is it still useful to describe scripture as... continue

Pray for Joni

Article by   June 2010
Be in prayer today for our friend Joni Eareckson Tada--a true trophy of God's grace--who is undergoing breast cancer surgery this afternoon. Here is a message from her.... continue

How Do I Know If I'm Mortifying Sin by the Law or by the Gospel?

Article by   June 2010
In Ralph Erskine's sermon "The Strength of Sin" (see Works, 5:145ff--thanks to Tony Reinke for the reference) he has a section on the difference between gospel mortification and legal mortification. You can read the whole thing here. Below is an... continue

What Does Paul Mean that He Preached "The Whole Counsel of God"?

Article by   June 2010
From D. A. Carson's essay, "Challenges for the Twenty-first-century Pulpit" in the book, Preach the Word: When Paul attests [in Acts 20:27] that this is what he proclaimed to the believers in Ephesus, the Ephesian elders to whom he... continue

A Call for Faithful Plodders

Article by   May 2010
From Kevin DeYoung's Tabletalk article:"My generation in particular is prone to radicalism without followthrough. We have dreams of changing the world, and the world should take notice accordingly. But we've not proved faithful in much of anything yet. We haven't... continue

An Interview with Kevin DeYoung on The Good News We Almost Forgot in the Heidelberg Catechism

Article by   April 2010
James Grant has a brief interview here with Kevin DeYoung, whose new book--which walks through the Heidelberg Catechism--is available now from Moody.... continue
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