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Subjects suitable to an immortal being

Article by   July 2014
A reminder from Spurgeon to deal in our ministry with subjects suitable to an immortal being, taken from a sermon on The Word of the Cross (#1611):If I were able to explain to a general audience how to make unlimited... continue

Counsels for old age

Article by   July 2014
John Pye Smith was a Congregationalist of the first half of the nineteenth century. He was theological tutor at the Dissenting academy known as Homerton College near Hackney, London, for forty-five years between 1805 and 1850. In addition he was... continue

Other people's pornography

Article by   July 2014
There is little doubt that an appetite for pornography is endemic in the modern West. That this is the case was driven home on a recent voyage. On my outward journey, I settled in to my seat for what was... continue

Carlifornia dreaming

Article by   July 2014
Friends towards the west coast of the US of A might be interested in this year's Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors' Conference on "The Doctrine of Scripture" on the 3rd and 4th of November. Dr. Carl Trueman is the keynote... continue

Westminster Conference 2014: "Authentic Calvinism?"

Article by   July 2014
The brochure is available and booking is open for the Westminster Conference 2014. The conference runs from Tuesday 2nd through Wednesday 3rd December, and features six papers, as follows:Holy worldliness? by Stephen ClarkThomas Charles of Bala by Adrian BrakeThe International... continue

Andrew Fuller savings

Article by   July 2014
If you have never had the opportunity to indulge yourself in the works of Andrew Fuller (3 volumes, Sprinkle edition), luxuriating in the penetrating thought and terse prose of the greatly gifted Baptist theologian, then this may be your opportunity.... continue

The worship of men: an old problem

Article by   July 2014
Some of us are fond of bemoaning evangelical celebrity culture as largely the product of a church too much tinged with the spirit of the age. A few weeks ago, Michael Haykin was kind enough to let me see a... continue

Logos 5: thoughts on utility

Article by   July 2014
Looking at Logos 5, we have considered the underlying Logos 5 platform, and then considered the base packages available before surveying a specialist package. In the last part of this extended review, I want to ask the question, "Should you... continue

Up from Down Under

Article by   July 2014
I have arrived home from a delightful visit to the beautiful land of Australia. My first few days were in Sydney, where I preached at the Truth of the Gospel conference on the topic of "The Brokenhearted Evangelist." On the... continue

Logos 5: the specialist packages and bundles

Article by   June 2014
In our ongoing review of Logos 5, we have considered the underlying Logos 5 platform, and then considered the base packages available.Today, we move on to the specialist packages and bundles. Here, my example is the Gold Reformed package. That's... continue
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