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Ends and means

Article by   May 2008
I appreciated Ligon's reference to Derek's sermon on Ezra, and the need for us to match our personal performance with our pulpit ministry ('Study. Live. Preach', below).   That thought was on my own mind recently as I've been reading... continue

Them that honour me...

Article by   May 2008
Some of today's Scottish newspapers are running a story about our local school's girls' football team. Against all the odds, they beat off older teams from larger schools all over Scotland, to reach the final of a national tournament sponsored... continue

A tale of two statues

Article by   May 2008
    I have often felt that there is a wealth of good reading material buried away in the annals of past editions of congregational and denominational magazines. Our own denominational paper, The Monthly Record (its title has not changed... continue

Uganda slideshow

Article by   May 2008
As I indicated earlier, I was able to visit African Bible University in the company of my son Stephen at the end of April. His YouTube slideshow of the visit is here.    ... continue

Scottish Reformed Conference

Article by   May 2008
On Saturday last I had the privilege of preaching at the Scottish Reformed Conference, an interdenominational preaching event billed as 'Scotland's premier preaching and teaching conference'. The chairman, Rev David Carmichael of Abbeygreen Church of Scotland began proceedings by opening with... continue

Law and Gospel

Article by   May 2008
It seems increasingly to me that one of the challenges facing theologians and preachers in the Reformed tradition is to explicate the statement of the Westminster Confession of Faith that 'neither are the forementioned uses of the law contrary to... continue

Greetings from Uganda

Article by   April 2008
This is a message from the campus of African Bible University, Uganda, where I am spending a week with my son, Stephen. Along with Rev Burk Parsons of St Andrews Chapel, Florida, editor of Tabletalk, we are involved in the... continue

He Blessed them

Article by   April 2008
We recently had our communion services here in Back. We follow the old Highland pattern of having special services from Thursday through to Monday, morning and evening, in both Gaelic and English. The advantage is that it becomes a high... continue

Greetings from bonnie Scotland

Article by   April 2008
I've been trying to log on to this blog for the past week, and I've kept getting nowhere. But the perseverance of the saints is a grand doctrine, so here I am. I see y'all started without me. Now that... continue
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