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To see ourselves as others see us...

Article by   January 2009
I've just been reading Frank Schaeffer's memoir, Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as one of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of it Back (Carrol and Graf, 2007).  ... continue

His Way is in the Sea

Article by   December 2008
The worst maritime disaster in peacetime in British waters took place on the Isle of Lewis ninety years ago, on 1 January 1919. The yacht Iolaire (Gaelic for 'eagle') was returning some two hundred and fifty Lewismen who were returning... continue

A positive approach to tradition

Article by   December 2008
I have been benefitting this week from reading Scott Clark's Recovering the Reformed Confession. The opening chapter is very thoughtful and thought-provoking, particularly in Scott's discussion of tradition. He quotes John Murray to the effect that 'there is a catholic,... continue

The assembling of ourselves together

Article by   November 2008
While preaching recently on the twelve apostles, I focussed on John's statement about Thomas: 'Now Thomas, one of the Twelve, called the Twin, was not with them when Jesus came'. John, of course, does not tell us why Thomas was... continue

Spiritual History of Lewis and Harris

Article by   October 2008
Birlinn has just published John Macleod's spiritual history of Lewis and Harris, entitled Banner in the West. It traces that history from the earliest days of Celtic Christianity to the present 'Bebo generation' (to use the title of the final... continue

New titles from Scottish academics

Article by   October 2008
I wanted to draw attention to two recent publications from Scottish academics: I. Howard Marshall's A Concise New Testament Theology (IVP) is an abridgement of his recent New Testament Theology, and is a very accessible survey of the issues and... continue

The prodigality of God?

Article by   October 2008
I realise that my tally of contributions to this blog is lagging behind others, so I hesitate to come in with a negative comment. However, I am Scottish, so I'll get away with it. I have always been very uncomfortable... continue

FB Meyer and Melbourne Hall

Article by   September 2008
I am just back from preaching at anniversary services at Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church in Leicester. The most famous occupant of its pulpit was its first minister, F.B. Meyer (of whom a recent biography by Bob Holman was published... continue

Books from Birlinn

Article by   September 2008
Edinburgh based publishing house, Birlinn, has recently published an excellent and accessible biography of John Knox. The author, Rosalind Marshall, has established herself as the historian of Scottish Queens, and John Knox features in the story of several of them.... continue

Grimshaw of Haworth

Article by   September 2008
Haworth, home of the Bronte sisters, was also home, some seventy years earlier, to one of the great men of the eighteenth century evangelical revival in Britain: William Grimshaw of Haworth. J.C. Ryle regarded him, along with John Wesley and... continue
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